Dr. Lorca, an eccentric collector of biological oddities - has just "acquired" his greatest specimen: a horrible mutant born of toxic sewage, but the creature's rightful owner wants it back. The collector's clash is cut short though, as the sickening specimen comes to life, re-animating an angry, oozing little army of ferocious freaks

A group of rival collectors of severely deformed freakish human beings and the FBI agents that are investigating them must battle against some of their collections which aren't as dead as ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hideous! torrent reviews

Immo K (gb) wrote: pari mma-ottelijaa mukana jotka ei osaa nytell kuten eivt niin-kutsutut nyttelijtkn eik vinnie jones edes pelasta tt ripulipaskaleffaa. musatkin ovat aivan kaameeta scheissea. hyi helvetti. juonikin on aivan ssist.

Kelly A (mx) wrote: Having been homeless like this, I'd like to see Colm Meaney in this not-so-much fantasy.

Marjon O (it) wrote: Show casing a chaotic and self-absorbed lives of a group of friends on vacation in Shomal (north of Tehran). Iranian cinema can be full of unnecessary drama and arguments! It was hard to follow who was related to who.

Arjun S (gb) wrote: A typical Bruce Willis movie with a lot of action and drama....He made a lot of movies with the same kinda theme in the 90's.....worth a watch!!

Tim R (kr) wrote: Van Sant captures the sad meaninglessness and banality of fame but forgot to make a film about it.

Stella O (es) wrote: what is name of song at end of movie it in spanish love the song movie was good but again predictable

Alex T (ag) wrote: A diamond heist and a rigged boxing match = a stylish dark comedy hoot from Guy Ritchie. Great cast, a great script, and a really terrific end result.

Mina (ag) wrote: I think I was not aware entirely of macedonian culture, mostly because young Macedonian do not tackle in conversations, this issue, and I could not fully grasp what actually was happening. I found it strange to live in a city, where the albanian population was living on one side of a river, and the macedonian part on the other side. and could not fully understand why I was advised not to go on the other side.I still need to understand, and get into their culture, now I feel that I was so foreign to the land itself, and history.

Zach P (gb) wrote: It's a fine enough movie, and if it wasn't part of the Evil Dead series it would be an easy four stars. However, it's so tonally different from the other two that it's almost distracting. Bruce Campbell still gives a great performance, but it's hard to root for Ash, who in this movie is honestly kind of a jerk.

Blake P (au) wrote: "Baby Boom" is so light, it could fly away if the wind got strong enough. Basically, it's like a two-hour long sitcom episode, and no matter how unrealistic and flighty it may get, it's made in a way that makes it nearly impossible for us to dislike it, either because it's perfectly harmless, or because it doesn't take a lot of effort to enjoy it. The film revolves around J.C. Wiatt (Diane Keaton), a New York yuppie who is completely married to her job. She works near constantly, and is so enamored with her job that even her personal life revolves around it. She quaintly lives with Steven (Harold Ramis), her male equivalent, and both view their relationship to be as much of a business project as their jobs. J.C.'s life is turned upside-down when her distant relatives die, and, because she is the last living relative, inherits their 14-month old baby, Elizabeth (Kristy Kennedy). Obviously, J.C. isn't ready to have a child in her life (nor does she want one), and immediately, things backfire. She attempts to give Elizabeth up for adoption, but she feels too guilty. She tries to get a nanny, but she's too paranoid. She tries to bring the baby to work, but no one takes her seriously. So when she isn't considered for a high profile promotion, J.C. decides to move to the country with Elizabeth, and figure things out, and hopefully make a life for herself. She eventually begins selling homemade baby food, which turns out to be a success - and in an unsurprising twist, she meets a man (Sam Shepard), who welcomes her and Elizabeth into his life. Everything about "Baby Boom" is oh-so predictable, and maybe a bit too clichd for its own good, but there's something about it that seems to be a cut above of what it's trying to present. Myers' screenplay is often times witty and appears to be aware that the film could appear to look like a sitcom. (And in a non-shocking twist, a TV-show based on the film actually appeared from 1988 to 1989.) Keaton's performance is the most important aspect of the entire film. Most other actresses would completely fail in the role, making J.C. feel a bit too cookie-cutout for her own good. But Keaton's neurotic persona, combined with her character's fast-paced talking, determination, and complete kookiness, keeps the film grounded, reminding us that it's a comedy film and not a TV-episode. "Baby Boom" isn't anything major, and nothing compared to Keaton's important work with Woody Allen, but it manages to be entertaining, despite its drawbacks.

Brandon S (ru) wrote: An interesting and fun movie. Chilling for those with sensibilities. Perhaps not historically accurate for the real life characters involved. Worth watching if one likes gothic horror.

mike p (ag) wrote: Iam a real sucker for a Jess Franco/ Soldade Miranda film. She had a presance that demanded your attention. In typical Franco fashion Miranda uses her sexual power to its fullest. Who could blame him for wanting her to be naked as much as possible. And in addition to her stripteases he makes her a secret agent. Although her part is not as large as one would hope. The film its self isnt that bad either. Not as weird as most Franco films. though.