Hideout in the Alps

Hideout in the Alps

A forger returns to his family when he leaves jail vowing to go straight. Although approached by an international counterfeiting gang he keeps his word only to find his nephew is in the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hideout in the Alps torrent reviews

Gina A (kr) wrote: An entertaining, smart and informative film with a humorous side that explores a very serious topic. A must see!

Christopher D (de) wrote: If you like music, you'll love this.

Tanvir M (gb) wrote: Sridevi returns in a suitable vehicle. Easy going and enjoyable fun film.

John Q (de) wrote: charlene was awesome! :)

Jeremy O (nl) wrote: A seemingly boring niche subject transforms into a deep journey of self discovery and personal growth in The Parking Lot Movie, a doc that follows the lives of parking lot employees (most of whom are well educated), chronicling their frustrations, hopes, and pleasures (work or otherwise), as well as each individual's thoroughly entertaining and insightful musings on the importance/place of the job in their lives.

Giuliana L (mx) wrote: This film deals with some taboo subjects in a surprisingly gentle way. Even if some scenes are profoundly uncomfortable to watch, the film's narrative makes sense out of what shouldn't make sense. It's easy to see that Kate's pain and loneliness at losing her mother drives her reckless behavior. The mystery of a decades-old family drama is slowly revealed throughout the film, with a hopeful resolution and redemption in sight. I really liked Mendelsohn's performance and Rachel Ward's direction.

Henrietta B (kr) wrote: I WANT TO BUY IT AND THE CLAUSE

Ally D (ru) wrote: I'd have to see it again, nay I want to see it again, to comment.

Laimis Z (de) wrote: it does have an interesting concept i admit. hitler as an artist, what if. but the film is not a very compelling visualization. there is no real drama. and even the max character is not truly relevant either. hitler is shown as almost a crazy person, which maybe he was but if he was really the way he was shown in this film he would not have really gotten far. yes, he can shout. but did u hear his argumentation? did i say he spits too? this film does a better part in showing us some of the reasons why the WWII had started but not much insight into hitler and not even into hitler as an artist. but art is nice though.

Fernando C (ru) wrote: It is at the same time real and surreal, fantastic and everyday-like. On that account, I liked this film, However, it fails to please me as a whole, since many things are left unexplained or are merely developed, feeling rushed or amateurish (and Schroeder is no newcomer), especially due to the weak acting. However, I can't avoid recommending this unique and original, nightmarish approach to difficult themes.

James R (au) wrote: maybe a 3.5...Its about the civil rights movement in the 60's in Mississippi. Danny Glover stars in it, this movie had potential but never really took off. Its based on eye witnessed true events but still could have been a great movie with maybe better directing.

Fredrik C (fr) wrote: Probably looked good on paper. As a film it's surprisingly uninteresting.

Leena L (au) wrote: Seriously. Chandlerisc action, slapstick, gay-non-gay, wives, mistresses and more. A couple of nice pieces of music but why did I bother. Could not stop half-way as that would have been against my principles....... sigh.....

David U (ru) wrote: Harvey Keitel + diamond heist - Tarantino = bo-ring! And dumb.

Maddy M (ca) wrote: Roxanne great video Please see it thankyou maddymiller

Dean K (ag) wrote: A very cheesy typical low budget 80's slasher film. It starts poorly, the acting is pretty terrible. However once we get to the creepy school reunion at night it becomes more interesting. It definitely has some aspects to it that slasher fans will appreciate. The run down deserted school does look spooky, bad lighting helps this. The kills are quite inventive for the time and gory to. The killers mask was also a good choice. One for slasher fans to seek out if you haven't seen it yet. Maybe if this got a better budget remake, or with a similar story it could do well!

Aaron H (us) wrote: This movie was very entertaining for me. A quick way to describe it would be if imagine Jackie Chan doing an "Evil Dead" type movie. It's funny, a bit ridiculous, and entertaining.

Eric H (fr) wrote: Three couples spend the night in an old dark house so that they can collect an inheritance but a killer is running loose. This is my first Andy Milligan film and it's really no worse than countless other exploitation films that were out at the time. Everything about the film is bad, especially the sex scenes, which are probably the worst I've ever seen in a movie. The director does try to build suspense but this here comes off rather laughable but then again, everything here comes close to laughable.

Thomas T (nl) wrote: Juno delivers Ellen Page and a lovable cast at their full potential.

KARLA E (ru) wrote: This movie did it's job in making me feel awkwardly embarrassed on the behalf of the lead characters. Not saying that's a bad thing.