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After Laxmi has had three still-births, her husband, Satyaprakash and his mother are afraid she will not be able to give any more births, and therefore there will be no one to carry the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andr D (ru) wrote: Renny Harlin, el director que en los aos 90 disfrut del xito con las pelculas de accin "Die Hard 2", "Cliffhanger" y "The Long Kiss Goodnight", contina su descenso con "Skiptrace", la nueva pelcula de Jackie Chan, esta vez acompaado del carismtico "Sr. Jackass" Johnny Knoxville. Con 62 aos de edad, la estrella ms taquillera en la historia del cine sigue teniendo una vitalidad que envidian los veteranos astros del cine de accin como Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean Claude Van Damme o Bruce Willis. En esta co-produccin con China, Jackie Chan interpreta a Bennie Chan, un polica que busca vengar la muerte de su compaero y proteger a su ahijada. Por su parte, Johnny Knoxville interpreta a Connor Watts, un estafador con don de seductor, que termina siendo arrestado por Chan en Rusia y de ah se desarrolla una especie de Road Movie que lleva a los protagonistas a vivir numerosas aventuras, que incluyen un viaje a Mongolia y a Jackie Chan interpretando un nmero musical de Adele que paga la boleta (!!!). Las escenas de accin dejan mucho que desear (un gran pecado para una cinta con Jackie Chan), la trama es ridcula y la cinta es un pobre intento de imitar a las franquicias de "48 Hrs." o "Rush Hour", por no hablar de la ineptitud de su director por darle solidez, impacto y coherencia a algo que pudo haber sido extremadamente divertido. "Skiptrace" es una de esas pelculas de Jackie Chan que hace que el pblico contemporneo no pueda comprender su xito o su genialidad. Si quiere realmente entender por qu esta mezcla entre Bruce Lee y Buster Keaton es una leyenda del cine, le recomiendo saltarse esta pelcula y revisar sus clsicos como "Drunken Master", "Armour of God" o "Supercop".

Arsev A (fr) wrote: I'm not familiar with Australian cinema but I liked this one. It is not cliche at all. The story has a nice balance between sadness and cheer. A nice, independent, small budgeted movie.

Thullin K (fr) wrote: Some Hillarious Scenes,,,,But Rudd's Character was to Contrived,,,,and some of the comedy was just fall flat to me....but still a decent laugh or two.oh snd Andy Sandberg was actually alive as a character in this one!!!

Carolyn G (ca) wrote: Not a bad movie but no new ground is broken here. Even the reveal of the culprit isn't that shocking. Maybe I just can't see SJP as anyone but Carrie Bradshaw but her playing this dowdy schoolmarm just didn't work for me. Her performance wasn't bad, especially at the climax, but it didn't resonate. Beau Bridges was wasted as well.

Claudette A (mx) wrote: I was disappointed as I thought the movie would be more interesting then what it was. Maybe because it was a slow movie.

Charles R (nl) wrote: A mixed bag of drama and violence. Surveillance isn't too sure what exactly it is, an uniquely packaged crime thriller or a demented character study. It does both adequately, but fails to ever build up to anything too great. The highlight here is Pullman's performance, which (like the film itself) slowly and tensely builds and then almost out of nowhere goes straight over the edge. The final twist isn't a big surprise, definitely an outcome you'll strongly consider as you try and unravel the mystery. Unlike most twists of its kind, this one doesn't for a second think that's it any more clever than it really is, plus it's the big reveal that leads to the best part of the movie (you'll see!).

Sanjeev S (au) wrote: Disappointed, 2 hours of nothingness. Extremely slow and boring. Tolerated it just because of Kate.

Leon B (gb) wrote: Review:Although this movie is about an historical moment, I did find the pace quite slow and boring in parts. The director captured the period very well and I did feel for the servants who had to work extremely hard for there disrespectful masters. Griet, whose played by Scarlett Johannson, didn't do anything wrong as a servant, but she was constantly getting punished because of the attention that she was getting from Johannes Vermeer, played by Colin Firth. When you actually look at the real picture, you can't help but wonder what is going on in this girls mind. This movie does bring some light to the whole world surrounding this one picture, but I would have liked to see more about Vermeer who was a very unique artist. His attention to detail was a long process and the way that he created the colours were an eye opener. Anyway, you do have to be in the right mood to watch the movie because it has a very moody tone, but it is interesting because of it's historical element. Average!Round-Up:After watching a few of Scarlett Johannson's movies back to back, she did seem to act the same in her earlier roles, but she has grown out of that habit of late. With movies like The Avengers and Lucy, she has become a more physical actress who has been blowing up at the box office. She also showed that she can tone down her roles with movies like Under The Skin and Hitchcock which didn't rely on her physical abilities so she has proved that she can take on any project that is put in front of her. Colin Firth is the master of period dramas so this role was right down his street. He is a proud owner of an Oscar after his brilliant performance in The King's Speech so there isn't that much more for him to achieve in such a versatile career. As for the other actors in this movie, they all put in a great performance but I'm just not a big fan of period dramas.Budget: $10millionWorldwide Gross: $31.5millionI recommend this movie to people who are into there period dramas about the famous Girl With A Pearl Earring painting and how it came about. 4/10

Odeana N (ca) wrote: My favorite movie in the whole world. I could watch it again and again. In fact, I have!

Jayakrishnan R (gb) wrote: 96%Watched this on 14/7/16An extremely intelligent screen play is converted a visceral ride by the most effective direction of Sidney Lumet utilizing his actors to the full. Network is a social allegory, satire and black comedy all at once and perhaps one of the sharpest of them all. Robert Duvall and Peter Finch term in powerhouse performances while Dunaway and holden are good in their roles. The film however takes it way too over the top with a phony romance between Dunaway and Holden that even the intended satire becomes a bit too much crazy to perceive as practically possible because a character such as that of Dunaway's cannot exist in a real world no matter how bad it becomes. The dialogues in this film are so crisp and intense that it gives goosebumps. Characters are always under tight verbal confrontations and its a joy to watch.

Teresa K (kr) wrote: Wow! I had forgotten all about Thunderbirds until last night when I bought this DVD. I loved them as a kid! Matthias likes it too.

Jonathan F (jp) wrote: Dj, il faut lire le livre de Falkner. Ensuite, il faut voir ce film o Lang ne garde qu'une trame assez rduite et modifie du livre, en conservant une ambiance sombre (voir aussi Jamaica Inn, d'Hitchcock), s'interrogeant aussi sur la paternit.

Ian P (nl) wrote: Great screenplay by Dennis Potter, a good Anglo- American production pre Berlin Wall collapse. Acting all round really good and well directed for those who can remember what it was like with the Iron Curtain in place. It's a prequel to the end of an era. Joanna Pacula is so beautiful as well and Lee Marvin an awesome bad guy, notably his final movie.

G E (jp) wrote: Out of key with the rest of the Hannibal/SOTL series. I personally liked the explanation for the genesis of Hannibal's gruesome modus operandi, and the historical setting. Although the storyline was porous and left many unanswered questions. I still would recommend this film.

Steve S (es) wrote: Meryl Streep is deliciously ruthless and mesmerisingly effective in this fun and perceptive look at the New York City fashion industry. Anne Hathaway carries her own as well.