High and Dry

High and Dry

An American businessman in Scotland is conned into shipping a valuable load of cargo to a Scottish island via a coal powered boat.

  • Category:Action, Comedy
  • Stars:Unknown
  • Uploader:Leocuto
  • Country:UK
  • Director:Alexander Mackendrick
  • Writer:William Rose (screenplay), Alexander Mackendrick (original story)

The skipper of a tatty coastal 'puffer' boat cons an American into letting "The Maggie" carry a cargo to a Scottish island. The American soon realises he's been conned but can he stop them? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dhruval M (ca) wrote: fuck this movie..fuck director.. fuck everyone

Andrew K (jp) wrote: Challenging drama. Overall it feels like the style is allowed to dominate the substance.

Steve W (br) wrote: Fans of the anime will enjoy it more, but I still enjoyed it. It is a very good action romp, full of humour and action.

Parker S (nl) wrote: A quiet and cute little film that is pretty good. Hoffman is good as the lonely Jack who strives for personal improvement so he can go boating, while Amy Ryan is well suited to play the innocent and oft-taken advantage of Connie. Not much to say, since not much happens. It may be a little slow, but it is worth someone's time who likes indie character studies.

Gabriel C (ru) wrote: Too cartoonish for my taste.

Janice (br) wrote: I like it very much!

Wade W (ru) wrote: I enjoyed Rendition, for the most part. It's a subtle and poignant look into a specific arena of politics and delves quite deep into the subject. There are plenty of big stars here, but sadly they go to waste, making way for the lesser-known names (oddly). They could have got the message across just fine without Gyllenhaal, Simmons or Streep. Overall though, it was entertaining and a decent rental.

Movie F (mx) wrote: An absolute perfect comedy film! John Travolta (Woody, Tim Allen (Doug), Martin Lawrence (Bobby) and William H Macy (Dudley) all did a superb job as 4 middle aged suburban men going on a road trip to get away from their everyday stressful lives. Great work also from the co-stars, Ray Liotta, John C McGinley, Kevin Durand and Marisa Tomei who all made this film even more great to watch.The movie stays continuously hilarious and entertaining the whole way through and is a perfect film to watch with the family.

Rob S (br) wrote: brilliantly craptastic. So Bad its Great.

Emod L (ag) wrote: 91%Dead Man is a unique take on the age-old genre that inspired it, filled with pitch-black humor, subtle satire, and a wide variety of bleak tones.V: 66%

Edgar C (kr) wrote: If Altman had never made the masterfully haunting and psychologically disturbing nightmare called 3 Women (1977), Nashville would undoubtedly have been his masterpiece.Nashville is a triumphant juggernaut derived from two main influences, in my humble opinion: a) that of the cinema that reflected the American counter-culture, more specifically during the last years of the 60s, and b) the cinma vrit style. As a mix of both, and emphasizing the latter, Nashville is one of the first renowned celluloid masterpieces to present interrelated stories in a fragmented way for finally bringing them all to a common denominator with a large-scale event. In this case, that denominator is placed in the climax. With its anecdotic composition, the film, with the aid of Short Cuts (1993) nearly 20 years later, would execute a huge influence on American filmmakers from Quentinn Tarantino to Paul Thomas Anderson, which would afterwards propagate through the world of moviemaking. That's how big the film is.The film feels extremely naturalistic in its free-flowing narration of a number of facets of a town with a representative cultural element: country music. That element is capable of speaking a common language that can unite such a vast array of peculiar and contradictory characters: the misunderstood and frustrated star, the unsuccessful aspirational star, the almost-pantheist and foolhardy reporter, the ones hungry for power and fame, the consummerist media, the runaway wife with dreams of stardom, the junkies, the entertainment industry managers, the party guests, the party hosts, the musicians, the black and the white, the religious and the non-religious, the fundamentalists and the open-minded, the enamoured and the perverted, the drunkards, the parents and the children... In the end, the power of music and its cultural background proves itself to be capable of standing above any political inclinations, which is an area that evidently doesn't suit their interests.Working fundamentally as cinma vrit and disguised as a documentary filming its characters like if they were unaware of the presence of cameras everywhere, Nashville is cinematic brilliance, which could be even labeled as experimental given the time. Altman's scope is tremendous, and proportionally committed at representing, as realistically as possible, the ups and downs, the anecdotes, the ironic situations, the frustrations, dreams, desires, meetings, formal and accidental gatherings, moving from one event to the next, predicting Linklater's future narrative structure, such as in Slacker (1991) and Waking Life (2001). However, it is principally an all-embracing work of art, featuring outstanding songs wonderfully performed, and faithfully representing its culture, as well as the impacts it has in its willing participans during their everyday lives.Although it may be simple to draw some valid points referring to possible complimentary subtexts regarding the power of media, the repercussions of fame, power and stardom, fanatic tendencies in the masses, and the impact of a culture in the way we perceive art and life, I think that Altman's purpose was to discover the amount of messages hidden between lines that could be obtained with an engrossingly realistic form of cinema, and how the characters could evolve more naturally if given a more tangible environment. It is no surprise, therefore, that the situations feel real, the jokes become funnier and the dialogues more authentic. It is a nonstop showdown between realistic scenarios and exaggerated characters in a lively setting full of energy. It is incredible how much Altman is willing to pay attention to the little details, because every single scenario has people talking or doing things. The movie literally becomes alive, and we are granted an omniscient Big Brother power to witness it all and put the collage together to get a broader look at the whole picture.Kaleidoscopic galore and a grand scope... Altman is a genius, to say the least. This is one of the best U.S. projects of its decade.98/100

Anjulie D (gb) wrote: this is an amazing musical, and im not even really a fan of musicals...this gave a great respect to women to accomplish anything they set their heart/mind on.

S Michael B (br) wrote: Wow what a blatantly racist and hateful movie. Disappointing!

Neil J (br) wrote: Sadly not as much fun as other DC animated movies and a weak graphic style.