High Fidelity

High Fidelity

When record store owner Rob Gordon gets dumped by his girlfriend, Laura, because he hasn't changed since they met, he revisits his top five breakups of all time in an attempt to figure out what went wrong. As Rob seeks out his former lovers to find out why they left, he keeps up his efforts to win Laura back.

The movie follows Rob Gordon, the owner of a semi-failing record store in Chicago, where he sells music the old-fashioned way... on vinyl, as he recounts his top five breakups, including the one in progress. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lucia B (mx) wrote: In fairness at least the feels is there... I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.

David B (kr) wrote: Make no mistake; this movie is maddeningly terrible. I'm not entirely sure how MIscha Barton and Michael Clarke Duncan got cast. It's not so much that it's a low budget production, because those sometimes make for reasonably haunting movies, i.e.: The Innkeepers, Blair Witch Project. Where this film is lacking is direction and ability of the actors to actually act. Perhaps it's not so much their fault as the director's though. I've seen the two headliners do far better in other films; perhaps the blame lies with the script, for the characters, all of them, are ridiculously two-dimensional, almost cartoonish.About thirty minutes into the film, you've basically seen the full gamut of J. Michael Trautmann's expressions, the one, that is. You begin to think you are watching a film project from a high school where a 14 year old was given a grant to produce his dream film. Towards the end, if you've made it that far, you wonder how a character can get one leg lightly maimed yet has to drag themselves as if their back was broken. You wonder why another character recounts physical descriptions of others that clearly do not match the actors who played them. Most of all you will wonder why you didn't quit watching after the first half hour. The highest marks go to the special effects and make-up crew, who did a first rate job here. It was the only surprise of the movie.

Jesse K (ag) wrote: A hard-hitting, slow-burning drama, Oslo, August 31st excels with its depressive atmosphere and realistic performance from Anders Danielsen Lie. At times the film is so subtle that it almost becomes painful. The dialogue, the cinematography, it all works perfectly.

Linda B (kr) wrote: Excellent period drama chronicalling the life and loves of Miss. Anne Lister. Maxine Peake gives a superb performance as Anne. Bravo BBC!

Davide L (es) wrote: Il Trash pi totale , mamma mia , proprio vero che allo schifo non c' mai fine , solo il mio masochismo per film trash me lo farebbe rivedere per crepare dalle risate ahahahahah!!!

Andrew J (kr) wrote: Entertaining enough for the type of movie it was. Nothing too extraordinary.

John G (us) wrote: I saw this in a home theatre and I was impressed with Michael Douglas's versatility and ability to play Liberace with apparent ease and smoothness. Matt Daemon did particularly well here too. The full circle nature of the love affair, the themes of identity loss and sugar daddy insecurity were played to top notes. There were only a few occasions where I would have had the actors mask voice and accent a bit better. Some of the scenes could have had more intensity and drawn out the conflict like with Scott being so betrayed during his surrogate mother's funeral. While I read between the lines the emotion there, I like to see it played out. This will be one movie I remember for ever. I also appreciated the fact that many of the stereotyped expectations were saved to the end. I loved the blur perspective and ambiguous sensory cues used to express the dazed state of Scott, his imagined performance number upon Liberace's death and the coverage of real life events over time had great continuity and thought. Bravo to directory and actors. Robe Lowe was excellent comic relief too.

Peter H (nl) wrote: poor film about man who stalks a older woman

Tim R (br) wrote: Yet another part of our nation's history they skipped in history class....I think the Jane Fonda part was a little too much

Bruno C (nl) wrote: Great soundtrack and some great shots of Patagonia in the bleak winter.

Pavan R (fr) wrote: A good story with some good performances. The story itself may have a few flaws but for the time it was made with the social ideology of the movie and the message it was trying to portray is strong even many years after it was first made. Nana and Tabu are superb.

Jeremy S (es) wrote: What the Hell is Cher doing in this good movie?

Danny C (ca) wrote: Watched this on Netflix on a whim. Great high brow thriller, I especially loved the third person narration, as though the protagonist was writing his own life. The movie can be dry at points though.

Katy W (br) wrote: Last star for Scott Wilson alone - otherwise this was pretty damn sappy bad.

Marcus H (mx) wrote: holds up pretty good after all the years

Kamillesayoto K (es) wrote: i really love this movie

Greco W (ca) wrote: If the...ehm...dialogue was improvised, the cast must have had the time of their lifes. If all the gibberish was scripted I don't feel that bad for them. Why didi they agreen to be in such a fuck of a movie. THe stop motion is indeed very nice for it's time. I do have some concerns about the costumed alligator and monitor lizard that are shown fighting. The most hillarious about this movie is that, it seams, that according to the writers what brought dinosaurs and prehistoric giant reptiles to extinction may have been cliffs and cavemen with rather tidy haircuts.

Michael S (ru) wrote: A seriously bad piece of fantasy/sci-fi that keeps you entertained (for all the wrong reasons) with bad acting, wimpy stunts, cheap looking sets, and cheesy visual effects. Liam Neeson and Robbie Coltrane, both early in their careers, appear in supporting roles.

bill s (kr) wrote: Dizzy and overly complicated Pulp Fiction wanna be.

David R (ca) wrote: So good I have no words to describe it