Life for the residents of a tower block begins to run out of control.

A doctor (Tom Hiddleston) moves into a London skyscraper where rising tensions and class warfare lead to anarchy. The life for the residents of that tower block begins to run out of control. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


High-Rise torrent reviews

Luke G (it) wrote: Not bad for a low budget Ninja movie.

Mark F (ag) wrote: a well done upgrade of a famous monster grudge match .

Clayton T (kr) wrote: all the cars are the same. father and son pine for waitress. all around funny movie

Marti T (br) wrote: some good suspense but too long and melanie's over-acting was driving me crazy by the end of it.

David H (fr) wrote: Sylvester Stallone's Directorial Debut about a Wrestler in the 40's New York

Rodney E (gb) wrote: Herzog is one of my favorites and this could arguably be his masterpiece. Meditation on life and culture in America, Bruno S plays a street musician who, along with pals, leave Germany for Wisconsin thinking that riches and opportunity will greet them only to find disappointment. I felt bad for Bruno a lot of times especially with his whore girlfriend. My heart actually sunk in some scenes. The ending is as good as it gets.

Camila A (ag) wrote: mucho mejor la version americana con madonna!

Denee L (nl) wrote: this is a pretty cool werewolf movie.action, and so forth

Stuart K (mx) wrote: Directed by Harold Becker (The Onion Field (1979), Sea of Love (1989) and City Hall (1996)), and adapted from Ryne Douglas Pearson's 1996 novel Simple Simon. This is a mindless but sometimes enjoyable action thriller that once again pits an underdog against a corrupt government agency. But, it also highlights autism, which is seldom portrayed in film, and this is a good portrayal. When 9 year old autistic boy Simon Lynch (Miko Hughes) cracks a code, little does he know the code was created by the National Security Agency, and it's a code called Mercury, protecting the identities of secret agents around the world. The agency's chief Lt. Colonel Nick Kudrow (Alec Baldwin) wants Simon assassinated, believing he knows too much, only for his parents to be killed. FBI Agent Art Jeffries (Bruce Willis) is assigned to protect Simon, but has trouble connecting with Simon because of his autism, but Art soon learns why Simon's parents were killed, and the Agency won't stop tracking them down, trying to silence Simon. It doesn't paint a very flattering picture of government agencies who decide to kill people all because they know too much, but Hughes' depiction of autism is accurate, which came from months of research. Willis is his usual, mugging self while Baldwin is underused as the baddie. Shame.