High Wall

High Wall

Steven Kenet, suffering from a recurring brain injury, appears to have strangled his wife. Having confessed, he's committed to an understaffed county asylum full of pathetic inmates. There, Dr. Ann Lorrison is initially skeptical about Kenet's story and reluctance to undergo treatment. But against her better judgement, she begins to doubt his guilt.

After a brain-damaged man confesses to murder and is committed, Dr. Ann Lorrison tries to prove his innocence. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


High Wall torrent reviews

Jeff J (ag) wrote: Awful... just awful... couldn't get through 1/2 of it... poor acting, ridiculous plot... just doesn't work.

Debanjan C (de) wrote: With the kind of talent involved, you have a lot of expectations from this film. However, it disappoints in almost all possible aspects.

Scott D (au) wrote: the true, emotionally moving, inspiring and sweeeeet story of a humble, simple and talented family man

Jeff R (mx) wrote: JC is way off his game in this one. Since when is Dan Aykroyd a scene stealer ? Icing on the cake is H. Duff with a really bad middle eastern accent.

Sobrina I (br) wrote: Funny, which is not the right comment for this kind of flick.

Nicole H (ru) wrote: This movie caught me by surprise, because it was unexpectedly good. Its interesting, funny, and refreshingly original.

Sean K (fr) wrote: Very watchable flick with Kevin Bacon turning in a good performance. Loved the end scene with him and Garrett Hedlund and a great tune to finish to play it out.

Yuping L (mx) wrote: i love it even more than eternity and a day. marvelous music.

keiron b (es) wrote: Enjoyed it but thought more could have been added considering she was the last woman hanged in England.

James R (kr) wrote: A wonderful screw-ball comedy. Myrna Loy and William Powell had a chemistry that is really lacking among actors in this day and age.

Rafael S (mx) wrote: i really would like to see this movie... there are a gothic band that i like to much that have the same name than this movie! so i think that this film must be so great!!!

Zane T (ca) wrote: This movie is goood...on weeeed! Otherwise, if you aren't under the influence of drugs while watching this movie, you pretty much are in for one bizarre boring movie about Santa Claus, a bachelor but with too many submissive kids in his custody, floating on a cloud in outer space and battling the devil and the reindeer are these animatronic type of machines. I swear, this is why people started smoking pot in the 1960's to watch movies like this and totally fry their brains for about 90 minutes.