Highlander: Endgame

Highlander: Endgame

Immortals Connor and Duncan Macleod join forces against a man from Connor's distant past in the highlands of Scotland, Kell, an immensely powerful immortal who leads an army of equally powerful and deadly immortal swordsmen and assassins. No immortal alive has been able to defeat Kell yet, and neither Connor nor Duncan are skilled enough themselves to take him on and live. The two of them eventually come to one inevitable conclusion; one of them must die so that the combined power of both the Highlanders can bring down Kell for good. There can be only one... the question is, who will it be?

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:2000
  • Language:English,French,Scottish Gaelic
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   18th century,   murder,  

The movie centers on two immortals Connor MacLeod and his kinsman Duncan, who have to team up to fight aginst Kell, the most powerful immortal alive. To make things worse, neither Connor nor Duncan are strong enough to face Kell alone. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee P (fr) wrote: I mostly enjoyed this well-done video game adaption starring Michael Fassbender. However, this dry movie could have used a bit more humour and a bit less Cgi. 2nd viewing 7/10 Rev 425

Shumaila K (ru) wrote: this movie was very funny and had an interesting story line althought it wuz a flashback it was still fun to watch.

Cle S (fr) wrote: I think this film can't keep up with the older adaptations. It's not bad though, but reading the comic book ("Asterix and the Normans") is much more satisfying.

Peter R (it) wrote: A good film, I saw it many years ago, picked it up again today. But correct me if I'm wrong: Didn't Lord Tennyson write "Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal" in 1847. But sang in the film by the character Rebecca Sharp around 1827?

Antoni G (es) wrote: A dear friend of mine introduced me to this movie through a downloaded file and boy was I hooked. Every moment in this film was extremely captivating and what sells it is the animation. It is so fluid, artistically beautiful and well-aged and every character looks unbelievably stunning special props go to Countess Carmilla for having the most lavish and extremely extravagant dress that would put Maleficent and the Evil Queen to shame, not to mention being a chilling baddie. Even the music is worth listening to as it really helps set the mood of the film and my highest praise goes to the chorus when D rides his horse to the castle. The chorus does a great job at heightening the overall gothic and nightmarish atmosphere this film has to offer. A true feast for the eyes and ears. I highly recommend this film to anybody who loves horror or even adventure.

Jim S (br) wrote: I hear that the antacid budget for this was one of the biggest in Hollywood history because there was so much scenery chewing going on. You'd think that the big stars in this movie would have read the script first before signing on to this mess. It does look pretty cool though.

Marc L (au) wrote: Sick, twisted, and fucking hilarious

stefn birgir s (kr) wrote: I confess, I can't view this with completely unbiased eyes for I truly hate Roberto Benigni. I will give him Life is Beautiful - it was a touching film - however, him depending on comedy - like in this stupid flick - it's just death for me.

Timothy S (fr) wrote: Since it's a Disney production, "Night Crossing" is a pretty wholesome picture that conveniently glosses over some of the darker elements of the era in which the film is set. That doesn't by any means make this a bad movie, in fact quite the opposite is true. This is a thrilling and captivating movie that exemplifies the human spirit and what it means to be free. There's a fine cast, and young Beau Bridges is exceptionally good along with the typically reliable John Hurt. Director Delbert Mann is a good storyteller, but he keeps the film paced well and the tension tight. The story is true, but it's not a historically significant one. Mann's capable direction, however, makes the finale a real nail-biter in the grand Disney tradition. Thanks to a strong script, you really come to care for these characters and it really doesn't bother you so much that the screenwriters sanitize history. In fact, in some ways that's a good thing simply because it makes this perfect family entertainment. I can honestly say that it can easily be enjoyed by parents and their children, and it's good enough to generate a lot of discussion afterwards. Inquisitive kids will instinctively want to learn more about this subject, and an educational and entertaining film can't be a bad thing at all. "Night Crossing" was the first "grown-up" movie I can remember seeing as a kid, and it still holds up just fine for today's audiences. It's a thrilling, well-told story that builds tension nicely.

Tim S (jp) wrote: The best vampire story ever filmed.

Kevin R (au) wrote: I'm Superman. The Nazis have captured Paris early in World War II and they treat every non-German like a piece of trash. A French woman does her best to fit in using her good looks and persuasive ways to survive. She is still a servant but treated better than most of the French. When she comes across a United States pilot with a mission to execute, she reluctantly helps him hide from the Germans. "Living doesn't mean just breathing." Jules Dassin, director of Brute Force, Nazi Agent, The Affairs of Martha, The Naked City, and Topkapi, delivers Reunion in France. The storyline for this picture is fairly interesting and unpredictable. John Wayne and Joan Crawford play their characters perfectly and deliver their lines with the right level of intensity. The cast also includes Philip Dorn, John Carradine, and Ann Ayars. "Is the war the only reason you don't love me?" "I'm not at war with anyone. I'm in love." I was scrolling through Joan Crawford pictures and came across this movie. It grabbed my attention when I saw John Wayne as the costar. I enjoy watching both actors and decided to give this film a shot. It wasn't outstanding but it was definitely entertaining. This is an interesting picture that is worth a viewing. "I am the law. I hold the power of life and death in this room." Grade: B-

Dakota D (ag) wrote: This story is mildly amusing with the possibility of the twins meeting and having some sort of resolution, but when that resolution did not happen I was very unamused and felt as if I had wasted several hours.