Highlander: The Search for Vengeance

Highlander: The Search for Vengeance

Colin MacLeod hunts for the man responsible for the death of his love. He chases the immortal Marcus Octavius across centuries as his quest threatens to take over his life and heart. In his quest, he meets a woman who reminds him of his slain beauty. But it's his final battle with Marcus that will decide not only his fate, but also the fate of everyone in the world.

An anime continuation of the HIGHLANDER saga, following immortal Colin MacLeod's quest for revenge in the future. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kelly C (ca) wrote: he is the one of a kind!

Hctor C (it) wrote: Magnificent in every sense.

Ken S (ca) wrote: Seemed like a good premise to a movie, but the delivery is so horrible it's slightly humorous. Sometimes I asked myself; were they trying to be funny, or was the dialogue just written that terribly? The Resident Evil star should probably just stick to sci-fi.

Sandra L (mx) wrote: Perfect movie for a perfect girl...

Johnny T (fr) wrote: The film opens with a punk of "Brady Bunch"-gone-bad raunch (think gerbils) and a perky, primary-colored palette and even features Lypsinka and Scott Thompson (from Kids in the Hall) as mom and dad. But there's something that's not quite as clever as it thinks it is in this gay mishmash of movies like "American Pie" or anything by John Hughes. An over-the-top, rollicking, candy-colored raunchfest. The film, despite the occasional gross-out joke, can't disguise the fact that it's a sweet old sappy -- even dated -- love story. Only Molly Ringwald is missing. There are some bits that definitely push the limit in a fervent rush to achieve entry into the cult, midnight-hour pantheon but for the most part we've seen it all before. Writer-director Todd Stephens set out to make the raunchiest gay teen movie ever, which this picture most certainly is, but the result is far more frenetic than funny. This is son-of-John-Waters with most of the grossness but none of the essential anarchism -- silly pop trash set for vid-classic status in gay households. VERDICT: "Rent Worthy" - [Mixed to Negative Reaction] These films are only worth renting because of certain good things that are worth seeing, but are not worth paying at a theatre or the DVD to see due to bad things that overcome anything good. (Films that are rated 2.5 stars)

Joyce T (es) wrote: Solid & touching performances and a make this the little movie that could!When it seems to be saccharinely drifting, it takes a hard Glasgow street turn to reality. There're no easy, Disneyish way to happiness.

James B (jp) wrote: This was pretty decent. It's hard to not compare it to the original, but if you judge this movie as its own it's really not bad.

Elmutia I (us) wrote: its...my favorite anime

Arseniy V (fr) wrote: Many of us have those fleeting fragmented moments in our lives where we think: "ooh, this would be awesome in a film". Most of us let these little fragments slip away. This filmmaker, it feels like, does not. Instead, he records them meticulously. This film feels like an excuse to mush a multitude of such fragments into one 107 minute chunk. Overall, a pretty tedious experience. Not only because there is essentially no plot here, but also because many of these fragments feel quite self-aware and forced. There are however a few cute moments here as well. About 1 star worth.

Paul N (nl) wrote: Guy Maddin's grand failure. Since then, he's more than made up for this film maudit.

Tom S (fr) wrote: -the visuals worked much better than the audio, which was at times a bit too sensational. -Thank God that British lady's precious narration was reduced to the beginning and the ending-that was nearly insufferable.-many of the moments blew my shit away, like the snails loving all over each other, or the bee larva becoming a real bee. -A few of them were a bit tedious, like the beetle rolling the ball across the road. That was about as fun as watching a human roll a ball across the road.

Luc L (mx) wrote: A terrible and ridiculous film.

Jeremy S (au) wrote: What a mess a total money making scam on people