Highway to Hell

Highway to Hell

Charlie and Rachel run away from home to get married in Las Vegas. But they get attacked by a zombie who takes Rachel with him to hell, where she will become one of Satan's brides

The film tells the story of an eloping bride who is taken into Hell to become one of Satan's brides. Now her fiance must travel to the other dimension to rescue her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve S (de) wrote: horrible and completly awkward. tries to be district 13 and fails miserably

FilmGrinder S (br) wrote: This guy, cut the arms off a lady in a canyon down the road from my house (a couple of miles), she made it to the I-5 freeway and flagged down (I know, horrible joke) a pedestrian and lived!

D M (ru) wrote: Larry David plays an intelligent, pessimistic, divorced New York Russian Jew. Though he attempts to avoid much human contact (he has difficulty communicating with those not intellectual piers), he happens upon a lost woman from the South. After reluctantly taking her in off the street, the two fall in love and marry. Their differences (backgrounds, age, intellect, etc) make the marriage uneasy for some of the family, so the family works to try to upset the couple's happiness. Michael McKean and Ed Begley Jr also star.

William C (mx) wrote: Grade:Lower 5/10Gentlemen Broncos is a quirky comedy that never truly makes an impact I think it wants to and although has a few OK jokes, is never truly funny either. The acting is kind of crazy but probably one of the funniest things about this are the characters so I can't complain too much about it all. The plot is fairly insane though and it is interesting but in the end it's supposed to be a comedy and well little or no funny jokes affect it. I felt in the end it was firmly a below average film.The story as mentioned is crazy and although it is entertaining there is something not good about all the quirkiness involved. In the end too much effort is put into it being this very strange teen comedy, the quirkiness to be fair though is hit and miss. As the plot goes along we start to see the craziness about the book involved and a lot of the funny jokes also derive from the reading of the novels seen in this film basically about writing.Michael Angarano is actually not that bad in this movie as Benjamin and his timid like performance is quite nicely done. Jermaine Clement is funny but part of me felt him in his role of Chevalier just didn't work so well and his "outsider" type role makes him seem confused always. The funniest character has to be Lonnie Donaho played by Hector Jimenez who is so random and a person actually turns out being funny at the end and his contribution is widely accepted here.Jared Hess directs and co writes the script and well although I don't want to criticise his skill as both, he doesn't really do a top notch grade piece of work here. If he has a hand in the set design then he really didn't do a great job as the film even looks crazy at times, Hess provides only a few jokes and it can sometimes seem he substitutes jokes for quirkiness. I think also his obvious vision for this to be a kind of indie film also affects it and it shouldn't have been done all that way.It isn't all bad at all and far from it in my opinion, it has a few jokes and although could be seen as juvenile and crude potty humour still is welcome among the lack of funny moments. I liked as said Angarano's role and if it weren't for the un comedic air around the movie, his performance would have been much more appreciated like that of Napoleon Dynamites main man Jon Heder.Staying on the topic of Napoleon Dynamite, if you like that movie then it could be said you may just find this a gem of a movie because of it's similar quirky feel but also by the same Jarod Hess who did Dynamite too. If your not a fan of potty humour or your a hardened critic of any comedy then you may not like this so much and to be fair may give this much worse a score than I have as sometimes when a character is being that crude, you may just feel it needs to never be shown again.Overall I give this a lower 5/10 and it is Firmly a Under Par film although as you can probably see from the review I didn't find it to be that terrible. I usually don't like to say that only teens will enjoy a certain film but part of me feels I have to admit that it may only be for teens with this one, it is just so teen orientated with it's quirky tones that by the end you feel only a 14 year old would find it hilarious.

H Paul M (br) wrote: This experimental film pairs a grating minimalist music score by Michael Gordon with similarly grating flashes of light composed of decaying film stock. If it doesn't lead to ruminations about entropy, it certainly succeeds as a visually jarring trip.

Joshua G (de) wrote: Messy, disjointed, yet still compelling at times. It's a real shame that this film cannot decide what it wants to achieve and execute it well.

Private U (jp) wrote: One of my alltime favorite movies. It's got a great, solid storyline that is wonderful for anyone who likes a good horror movie. It's presented in a way that leaves you feeling like you just woke up from a nightmare, disoriented, confused, and sweating with terror.

Arianeta L (gb) wrote: Great description of a love's journey from passion to madness. A beautiful, haunting film, an interesting study about obsessive love, which inverts the customary roles by showing the woman as the predator and the man as the victim. Long before Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction, there was Isabelle Adjani playing Adele Hugo, daughter of the famous writer, Victor Hugo, and completely crazy about Lieutenant Pinson, a man she's determined to marry or else ruin. I had seen a Franois Truffaut movie before this one, and I can say I'm very pleased with his direction in it. It was straightforward, unobtrusive. It gave Adjani space to display her talent. It's amazing to think that she was only 20 when this movie came out. She was just starting her career and yet showed more talent than many veteran actors. One look at her eyes here and you'll see an inextinguishable fire burning inside her that will eventually consume her sanity. Definitely one the most intelligent movie about obsessive love ever made. If you are a Truffaut fan, or just a film fan in general, see this film immediately

Stefan B (nl) wrote: This is one of the B monster flicks of the 50's you watch BECAUSE it's bad! With performances as poorly mellow dramatic as an actor can muster, and the bad day-for-night scenes to match, this film is just a work of 3rd grade chewing-gum art. And I'll bet the costume for the oh-so hideous Sun Demon had to be returned to Party City or Spencer's Gifts after production just to get some of their money back.If anything kept Robert Clark in business, it was his ability to spend as little as possible on so many movies at once that it was practically impossible to get some profit out of his films. No matter how small.Good entertainment if you're looking for laughs.

Your Gay Boyfriend (kr) wrote: It was alright; I own it, but I have not watched it in a long time and don't think I will. It was a dragged story and was not interesting.

Samantha N (ca) wrote: Great acting, great writing, great movie! Lovely to watch a Hitchcockian movie that kept me guessing and to see Meryl Streep in such an early role.