Hijos del viento

Hijos del viento

Durante la conquista de México por los españoles, Rodri, un náufrago español y Tizcuitl, la joven y bella hija azteka del rey de Tlacopan... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Totomai M (it) wrote: "What drove to hide yourself away?" said by one of Vivian Maier's employers. Vivian Maier's became a household name in photography industry after her works were discovered by certain John in one of the auctions. It was found out she worked a nanny and had kept all the photos she took to herself, most of them still undeveloped. The documentary focuses on her life as nanny which is a good thing and she was definitely a mysterious person. She had her own little world, as most artists have. She also had lots of collections - videos, receipts, newspaper articles etc.. Everytime the photos she took are displayed on the screen, it elevates the documentary to another level. At one point of the film, one of her employers asked if she will enjoy this fame or not considering her behavior. I think this could be a very good movie material.

Alex S (ag) wrote: Good entertainment, good follow up to Armour of God.

Kyle K (ca) wrote: eh. something to watch. it's nothing to praise though.

Donna L (br) wrote: It's alright, I guess.

Paul C (br) wrote: Fun, fun light-hearted indie comedy. The main character seems to belong in a film from the 20s-30s while living in Manhattan in 1999, which kind of confuses the locals. His dialog and mannerisms are spot on - They nailed it. Great cast, especially the lead. Some fun cameos, too. I couldn't stop smiling.

Jennifer T (au) wrote: Absolutely loved this movie. I can watch this on a loop

Shashank S (it) wrote: A rare occasion when Finnish Director Aki Kaurismki shows a rather darker side of his film making ... This film slams the male dominated society ... Kati Outinen , yet again conveys more through her silence rather than words and towards the climax thru her actions ....

Oscar D (es) wrote: Fun and cheap laughs throughout

STCENTERPRISE (ca) wrote: I thought that this was an interesting World War II film compared to many seen. Not too many war films do you see Canadian soldiers as the main characters. I liked how the film showed the importance and value of food, even when it came to a single can of food when your desperate. I liked the fact that the film showed flash backs before the war. Also not too many films show ware fare during a sandstorm. I thought it was a pretty good film for ware morel back in 1943. I thought the film was pretty good and showed a different aspect of the was.

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Jason O (gb) wrote: I remember watching this movie a few years ago after my granny told me that she was gonna watch it and that I should. I did and I thought it was pretty good. It wasn't the best of its kind that I have ever saw, but it was pretty good. An inventor and his sidekick go on a journey to the center of the earth in a huge drilling machine. Once they get there, they don't discover lava or fire, they discover a lost world and a prehistoric tribe. They get held hostage and from that point on is when At The Earth's Core turns into a good movie. It'll keep you in suspense wondering how they're gonna escape and go back to the surface. If you like one of a kind adventures like this movie, I would definitely recommend getting At The Earth's Core. The only drawbacks I could see was that it was a little bit boring at the beginning, but it gets better all along. The special effects also weren't the best ever seen, but then again it what do you expect of a movie that came out back in the mid 70's? One more thing, most of the time I don't remember a movie all that great after just watching it once. But it's been about 2 years since I saw At The Earth's Core and I still remember most of it. It'll stick with you. NOTE: That was my Amazon review from the year 2000. I haven't seen this movie since then so not sure what I'd think, but I do remember parts of it and it was real neat.

John Eric D (ag) wrote: I feel bad for Katherine, she was way too awesome in "Knocked Up". Now she should have better roles.

Nick H (au) wrote: If you like dog killing and other depressing things then maybe this would be a good film for you.

Jason M (ca) wrote: There is not much one can say about how great this Disney film is. Some special effects were groundbreaking for its time. This is a showcase for the underrated brilliance of Dick Van Dyke, the triple threat of acting, singing and dancing. He even plays multiple roles! People tend to forget that John Ritter owes everything to the physical comedy of Van Dyke, whom he obviously studied carefully and paled in comparison. Van Dyke was a giant in his time, and the Dick Van Dyke show was another testament to this. David MacAlister is great in his role as well. Oh yeah, and Julie Andrews is pretty good as Mary Poppins as well.