A biography of Hildegard Knef, one of Germany's biggest post-war stars.

A biography of Hildegard Knef, one of Germany's biggest post-war stars. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob A (ru) wrote: Very sweet and tasty flic about things big and small: reconnecting with high school peeps, how humans cope with the horrors of life differently; loss at several levels; love. Not a bad menu and all courses prepared in a simple, economical style without special sauces. None are required. The true flavor is all that's needed.

Sharon o (nl) wrote: Easy watching comedy. Great cast, comical timing and had a few chuckles!

Lucas N (mx) wrote: Though some of the writing is disjointed, and some of the scenes feel out of place and awkward, I found the movie exceeding my expectations. Obviously, I have to compliment the visuals, there's an element of color missing from films these days. The scenes(especially the races), looked gorgeous with a stunning palette; most movies seen recently are a jumbled mess of muted color. They knew how to emulate the world of the original cartoon, and they did a wonderful job emulating it.

Todd S (mx) wrote: For decades, A Christmas Carol and It's A Wonderful Life have been the standard templates for holiday films, until a third choice came along in 1990. Ever since, there have been a whole slew of films that have tried to be the next Home Alone. None have come close to being as good, but perhaps the best attempt came from Unaccompanied Minors. The Davenport kids are flying to seeing their father for the holidays when they are stuck in Cleveland by a massive snow storm. When they get there, they discover they are just two of dozens of kids who are stuck at the same airport, trapped in a conference room under the watchful eye of the airports ruthless administrator, (Lewis Black) who's not all that fond of children. Together with some of the more unique personalities, the Davenports stage an escape and wreck havoc on the airport, determined to have fun during the holidays, even if it is in a snowed in airport. Yes, this is a kids movie with all the cheesy jokes and kid stuff that comes along with it, but what makes it unique is all the different personalities. The six kids are from all different parts of the country and are all from different family structures and different socioeconomic backgrounds, meaning they all had very different lives and very different ideas on what the definition of fun is. The culmination of the different personalities and how they all come together is what makes this film unique and quite frankly pretty special. The young cast is pretty talented as well, featuring Brett Kelly from Bad Santa as well as Tyler Williams from Everybody Hates Chris. The young cast also gets help from veteran comedians Lewis Black, Wilmer Valderrama, and Rob Corddry. The combination of young comedians and veteran comedians adds another dynamic similar to the one set up by the characters in the film. As well as the mixing of characters personalities, you're also getting a wide variety of comedic styles in the film. The bottom line, Unaccompanied Minors may be a kids Christmas movie, but there is a whole lot to like about it, from the writing, to the in depth character development, the mixing of different comedic styles, and even the unique settings. It's not quite Home Alone, but as close as anyone's come since 1990.

Andre B (de) wrote: Bear guns and interlect, schooling the youths dem pon useful machines. More spray up scenes than any Hollywood blockbuster, plus cameos.

maciej k (nl) wrote: awesome comedy, go nuna go!

Diana L (ag) wrote: Great, great movie. The atmosphere was so intense and Angela Bettis was amazing. You could feel her pain. Awesome, disturbing and violent horror movie.

Himanshu V (nl) wrote: Excellent film. Highly recommended. Must watch.

Doug W (es) wrote: An oldie, but always hilarious when I rewatch it. Especially the opening scene...

Elena N (br) wrote: this movie really touched my heart

Omar Q (us) wrote: One of my favorite comedies, Austin Piwers International man of mystery was just shagalicious baby, YEAH!

Cha t (jp) wrote: An updated remake of 'Lady For a Day' (1933) also by Capra. Still a great heartwarming story, full of great character actors and of course Ann Margaret.

Pascal L (mx) wrote: Dans ma liste, c'est un cas a part. Ce n'est pas le meilleur film sur le journalisme qui soit, loin de la, mais le contexte social dans lequel s'inscrit l'histoire (une rvolution de gauche au Nicaragua), et le dilemme moral auquel sont confrontes ces journalistes, m'ont touches. Et la musique me tourne dans la tete depuis 20 ans. :-)