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Hilman päivät


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ripple c (ag) wrote: I thought it was pretty well done.

Dr F P (au) wrote: This movie has a problem with its tone. The way in which it is written is not at all sympathetic towards the Mother, i can't tell if the filmmaker is supporting the murder or not. The way in which some hammy, dark humour is involved also makes Perfect Sisters a confusing watch. Are we supposed to laugh? This is a true crime story that could have easily been mistaken for a really shitty teen high school drama.

Jaime M (jp) wrote: The characters in this movie are never explained. The reasons for the way they are and how they behave are not given. Accordingly, one has little empathy for their troubles. This movie is full of concepts: alienation, virtual relationships, in-communication. The problem is that without real characters these ideas end up being a bit of an intelectual gimmick.

Gemma K (it) wrote: I expected this to be so much better, more like Gacey or one of the other serial killers films. Just about watchable but very disappointing.

Noah Abraham G (fr) wrote: A great idea is wasted on a terrible plot. Great actors are wasted in terrible roles. And much time is wasted watching a terrible movie.

Andrew M (gb) wrote: Ok so the story, as it were, is not very good and the dialogue wasn't thought about very much, but the music, breaking and to a lesser extent the art is amazing. Actually seeing how desolate the bronx was back then gives grafitti more meaning and seeing how some artists took it beyond tagging is also good. Well worth a watch if you like old school hip hop

Cara G (au) wrote: Nunsploitation, we have nuns fighting, nuns smoking pot, nuns having lesbian sex, a priest trying to have sex with the nuns, nun torture....i love this movie.

Sherry L (it) wrote: Cary Grant in all honor, but this is just a lousy movie. The acting (except for Mr. Grant) is very very poor, the story is thin, and the jokes just don't work. Mansfield is a caricatyre of herself like she always are; promiscuous bimbo who in this movie has a thing for marines. Grant is the navy pilot who falls for the classy girl (Suzy Parker) and finally gets her. Even though, I know from earlier expereinces that Jayne Mansfield doesn't appear in the best movies I've seen. You rather watch movies with Jayne Mansfield just to watch Jayne Mansfield. That would be the only reason for you to watch this, unless you have really bad taste in movies. I've seen quite a lot movies with Cary Grant and this is one of the very few that I strongly dislike.

Timm S (gb) wrote: Needed Handcuffs, That Woulda Really Sharpened It Up..Just Like Gray & His Fifty Shades.

Harri K (us) wrote: Monotonic and tedious with its drama elements. Otherwise quite well written science fiction with a pinch of existentialism. I really wanted to like this film but found it hard to concentrate.