Himlens hjärta

Himlens hjärta

Two couples, old friends, end up in a heated debate over adultery at a dinner party.

Two couples, old friends, end up in a heated debate over adultery at a dinner party. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Isaiah A (au) wrote: Loved It!!!!! Im Amazed that it has 0%!!!! Fred is hilurious

Angelina C (br) wrote: Though the ever versatile Cate Blanchett(TM)s performance is brilliant and riveting as Veronica Guerin, it is hard to sympathize with this character. She is an Irish newspaper journalist who got on the wrong side of the drug lords of Dublin. Immensely brave, but also reckless, she had dangled herself in the front of vengeful criminals for two whole years before she was ultimately murdered. Gerard McSorley was suitably chilling as the ruthless godfather, John Gilligan who controlled a colossal drug empire and a mob of Dublin gangland's most dangerous criminals. I suppose martyrs attempts to spur change for the better that often come at the cost of their own happiness. Her death brought real change to Irish drug laws. Now that was a good turning point.

JuanPablo M (ru) wrote: Es innegable que las historias son interesantes y emotivas, as como que tocan una temtica muy propia de nuestro tiempo con la crudeza que lo amerita, pero es justo la excesiva variedad de historias lo que termina convirtiendo la cinta en un amasigo de subtramas que no termina de ser coherente. Algunas historias no calzan del todo salvo por detalles muy nimios que las relacionan temticamente con las dems, por lo que generan la sensacin de que son totalmente innecesarias, lo que se confirma con los desenlaces abruptos y simplones en que desembocan. Las dos historias principales adolecen tambin de finales abruptos y malogrados, fundamentalmente porque el de una es demasiado benevolente y el de la otra es ms bien demasiado cruento.

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Mark S (gb) wrote: Cute Movie... Jada looks GORGEOUS in this flick!!

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Keir D (ca) wrote: McDowall is chilling and brilliant. I really love this movie.

John A (es) wrote: Writer/director Satyajit Ray beautifully conveys the passage of time in this, the second of his Apu Trilogy. This inevitable movement in film and in life carries with it both the excited anticipation of the future as well as the heartbreaking remembrance of things past. The woman who plays Apu's mother delivers my favorite performance of the trilogy, full of soul and pathos. The well-timed musical flourishes root the action with a sense of place. And oh, those fireflies.

Private U (it) wrote: Peter Graves fights a giant turnip in Bronson Canyon! Don't miss it!

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