Film starring Sunny Deol, Tabu and Shilpa Shetty

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1996
  • Language:Hindi
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Two Indian Secret Service Agents, Ajay Saxena and Abdul, are not only co-workers, but also live like brothers and family. Their Chief asks Abdul to take charge of Project M, dealing with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Himmat torrent reviews

Johnny B (ru) wrote: Liked it enough for the fact that it had its creepy moments and that clown character is one of the creepiest things I've ever seen. But that's about it. The acting was not good and the story was so confusing. And the "movies" (beside the gas station one--I loved that one) were not good and also made no sense. What did an alien have to do with any of it?!

Dan S (au) wrote: Unique mix of documentary and drama with a dark but very authentic British sense of humour running throughout. Lush and striking visuals throughout add to the uniqueness and Chris Langham and Simon Amstell are a joy to watch.

Jason Y (it) wrote: Here's the problem with critics. A critic can rarely do what they critique. Yet the one critiqued can clearly critique. For example, a film critic can't necessarily make a film, but a film-maker can definitely critique one. The same goes for cooking, as seen in Bitter Feast. A critic's bad review leads to the downfall of a celebrity chef, who then seeks revenge - in the form of cooking torture porn! Well, not really, but sort of. If that sounds interesting at all to you, then you should see it. The egg scene is not to be missed.

Kyle M (mx) wrote: In order to have a full enjoyment, you've read the graphic novel that the movie's based on and you've seen "Sin City" and "300" that are based on the graphic novels created by the same creator who'd placed himself on the director's chair to adapt one of his acclaimed works. But it seem that his adaptation is the continuation of the titular character, meaning there's no time to get familiar with the story if you haven't read the graphic novel.Superhero films doesn't do this. They give enough time for everyone to grit familiar with the universe while going on with the story to entertain the viewers. But this particular only went on with the story and showed weaknesses and being felt that it's getting out of the viewers' interest.The film only relies on two things that were shown in the attractive, compelling teaser: the style and Gabriel Machet's voiceover; whilst forgetting or leaving out the bass music. The film only used those two tactics to keep the final product satisfying. But that failed due to long breaks between the appearances of the mentioned qualities. The rest of the film during those breaks was just showing the disappointment that was less than what was expected to be like.The one minute-and-14 seconds teaser is more entertaining unfortunately. It's complete with the style and atmosphere that was expected to take most of the film. I really don't know why Frank Miller, the creator/director, didn't follow the way to expand the teaser into a feature-length film. It's a brain-stomper, but now we can see why the teaser is called a teaser because it'd inadvertently teased."The Spirit" is for only those who've seen creator and director Frank Miller's other adapted works to get to know his artistic style and read the graphic novel to know the style on print and the story to get familiar with it. (C+)(Full review coming soon)

Matt B (ca) wrote: The Troma team does some truly jaw-dropping things to get attention. Of course, it does grate on you after a while, and some schlocky editing will make you cringe. The constant "editors should get a raise" joke gets annoying and a lot of superfluous segments were left in. By the end, you just don't care anymore.

John H (jp) wrote: typical family based film with smart moments and good use of classic characters

Sebastian L (ca) wrote: "Deffinetly puts style over substance, but the substance is there. This is by far the best Stephen Norrington film i've seen, so i hope all that shit he was saying about "never making another movie" after LXG is just that...shit. Coz i could definetly see some more of this type of directing. Great cast, great editing, great fx (that cancer guy!!) and an Amazing soundtrack. My only gripe is the pacing mid second act....and that now i cant stop thinking about the time!

Lisalvi D (fr) wrote: I was in Shock when I saw this!! Ihate with all my heart that awful and disscosting man!!! his own family for god sakes, how can u just try to kill ur family!!?? its just wrong!!

Karen F (au) wrote: the "banter" seemed canned, and the movie as a whole seemed dated. the basketball scenes were okay. still like Joe Mantegna, still dislike Billy Crystal.

nickfury i (de) wrote: similar plot to the film paper moon, but more current. it captures the dialogue of the people it portrays very well, and resists hollywood forays into ripe, shit-eating sentimentallity. jeff bridges plays a character who, though uneducated, addicted to alcohol, violent, rootless, and formerly criminal, retains that most important feature of american life, the all-pervasive dream- an idea of an out from the monotony of the unforgiving industrial wasteland of the early 90s urban northwest. seattle is a fantastic setting, and this movie is diametrically opposed to sleepless in seattle, which cam out the same year. media hacks, damn yall.


Eric R (kr) wrote: John Boorman's most personal film tells the story of a British family living in London during WWII when the bombings took place. Starting in the very early days of the War, Boorman shows this experience through the eyes of the seven year old boy, Billy Rohan. Billy's father goes off to war and Billy is left in the hands of his sisters and mother. The film really focuses on Billy's experiences which aren't really horrific, but more adventurous as the boy runs around war-torn London naive to the real danger that exists. There is also a good amount of focus on the liberation felt by woman as they really were responsible for keeping life moving at home during the war-time. It's very much a coming of age story where Billy experiences his mother's struggles to run the household and learns about sex, death and the hypocrisy's which exist in life. This isn't like Germany Year Zero; this film is much more upbeat and comical, as most of the film the character's don't really act like their is any form of immediate danger. This could be somewhat contributed to being from Billy's POV, but I would have used a little more danger and suspense. The film's focus is much more on the family internal struggle, with WWII being a back drop.

Millo T (kr) wrote: I prefer Terry Pratchett`s version, Cohen The Barbarian, in "The colour of magic"

Sylvester E (nl) wrote: If you guys are a true romantic "like I am"...then you're going to love this film. One of the best love stories ever put on film...Njoy!!!

Tim E (kr) wrote: Cheesy at times, but Laura Linney and Hoffman are a lovable pair. The portrayal of Sun Valley is great.