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Cynthia S (au) wrote: This was kind of strange, but funny. I actually thought I was putting on a movie. It turned out to be a fake documentary about a weird yuppie couple. They came up with the idea of helping the homeless by giving them special packaged lollipops that would give the homeless a new outlook on life. This whole thing is based on this couple being very serious about how they actually think they are helping them. Watch it with an open mind, and know that it is supposed to be funny....and strange....and not at all real.

Jay Z (es) wrote: Unlike many horror sequels, Scream 2 never forgets what made the original so great. In fact, Scream 2 expands upon the premise of Scream, becoming even more meta. Brilliantly, it actually uses the very fact that horror movie sequels usually suck to its own advantage. By doing so, Scream 2 takes its disadvantages and turns them into advantages, the same way that Scream used making fun of other horror films to its advantage. Scream 2 is just as good, if not better, than its predecessor. It is unpredictable, scary, funny, mischievous, inventive, creative, and interesting, all in one.

Benjamin O (mx) wrote: Emotionally unsettling.

Damjan v (au) wrote: A very engaging beginning, but that feeling gets lost between all the conspiracies and whatnot. Maybe it should be a bit longer so it wouldn't feel so rushed.

Theo C (ru) wrote: Bakshi's best film in my opinion.

Ann H (de) wrote: I loved it as much as the 1st one when I was a child

Tony M (br) wrote: A very well produced, shot, and acted film about courage, resilience and pride. It's kindred spirit is letters from iwo jima.

Mike M (fr) wrote: Back when this was new I thought this was one of the better inspirational Military movies made. Now that I have rewatched it again, it does suffer from a case of the 80's.As long as the movies is focused on Eastwood , it is excellent. When you give the screen to his platoon, they shamelessly ham it up while the script gets a bit silly. Mario van Peebkes is the chief offender here.Long stretches of excellence slightly mared by occasional outbursts of formulaic 80's nonsense. How this movie managed to avoid having a montage about the soilders shaping up is amazing an a credit to it's makers.

Jordan J (fr) wrote: King Kong is a really good classic and this film doesn't do anything to ruin it. This film respects its original material. The special effects are pretty good but questionable at times but other than that everything else is really good. I am willing to give this an A+

Mitchell B (gb) wrote: For its time, this is an impressive movie version of the iconic television show.