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solidity q (br) wrote: Spare and methodical.

James R (jp) wrote: A pretty forgettable Christmas story. I know this was super well received by critics, but this is one of the rare Aardman animated films that just didn't click with me (and I'm one of the few people who actually liked Flushed Away!). Arthur Christmas is Aardman Animations second film to use full CGI instead of their popular stop motion/claymation way of making films. First off before even going into plot I have to say I don't like the full CGI look for their films. The claymation gives it a more dare I say human feel to it? It just seems more personal. Arthur Christmas just falls flat a few times. Before I get into that the movie is actually pretty simple. Arthur (James McAvoy) is the youngest of the Clause family. He writes letters backs to kids that write to Santa (Jim Broadbent) and he absolutely loves everything he does. Arthurs brother Steve (Hugh Laurie) is the next in line to become Santa and has utilized the elves to do much of the work that Santa usually would have done. With Steve its all about efficiency and getting the job done. At the end of Christmas Eve its discovered one gift was not delivered. Santa and Steve want to mail it and don't really care. Arthur having read the letters knows who's it for and knows how important it is to get it to the young lady. So Arthur along with his grandfather Grandsanta (Bill Nighy) and Byrony (Ashley Jensen) an elf with fantastic wrapping skills head off to save the day and get the present to the young girl so her Christmas isn't ruined. Overall, younger kids will really enjoy this one. For adults on the other hand unlike the other Aardman films this one just isn't quite for adults. It has too many random lights blowing up, or a too simple plot. I found the character development to be lacking. I knew right off the bat Arthur was more qualified to be Santa and it never gives him any real conflicts. Probably looking too much into it, but this one was just a miss for me. Overall, like i said kids will love it, but adults will probably want to steer clear.

Aniecia L (au) wrote: Although there was awesome stars in this movie and shot in our country Trinidad and Tobago it wasn't the best that came out of Bollywood because it had nothing to do with their Indian culture. Sorry but this should not be a movie one should go out and see

Robin (jp) wrote: Real karatekas. Real karate.Too bad about the ending,but well, you can't have it all :)

Scott C (gb) wrote: It was okay for the budget constraints they were working under, but the average viewer will find it frustrating. While there are strong performances, it's not particularly scary.

Keith W (mx) wrote: Very funny and great message

Matt M (ru) wrote: A young man is on the verge of discovering a secret society which thrives on inhumane things, and his suspicions begin to lye within his own family. A rather visually disturbing ending is all the film can boast, after a sometimes intriguing mystery plot that unravels slowly among reiteration and outdated satirical humour.

Rashid T (us) wrote: A movie which is much better then DHOOM 2 or Jhoom barabr Jhoom or Fool N final. Yes it may look like an old indian movie but this movie at-least has a story. Good acting, Good cast, new boy and girl did a good job and MANOJ BAJPAI as always awesome. BTW amitabh isn't in this movie I dont know why its in the cast. Watch it if you like good movies not movies with stupid comedy and non sense songs.

Steve G (ru) wrote: Kind of a precursor to 12 Angry Men. It's also a precursor to the litigation culture many years later where being an honest witness is nearly as dangerous as being a perpetrator. And arguably the first film noir. Almost like a twilight zone episode. Though the man who is tormented after having given his testimony about what he witnessed is actually an innocent man. He reported what he witnessed. The fact that the jury may have made a decision when there was reasonable doubt puts casts THEM as antagonists. Not the reporter. Interesting film about those in society presumed guilty until proven innocent. And how easily circumstantial evidence can be used to incriminate someone when facts are misconstrued. The protagonist experiences some paranoia appearing guilty though being innocent. Not exactly Oscar-worthy acting, but very interesting. Intriguing dream sequences. Lorre is nothing if not consistent. Elisha Cook seems confused in most of these early roles. Though the dream sequence lasts a little long. And the cut between his phone call to his woman and ending up in the park is barely existent. It's a fitting warning against incriminating someone on insufficient evidence. brooklyn, as well as its been represented on screen.

Nate T (it) wrote: Odd but extremely fun film. Woody is in top form. On Blu-ray.

John W (fr) wrote: I love this movie. I enjoyed it when it was released in theaters and still do today. It's easy to dismiss as bad 80's horror, but the story, special effects and elements like back masking were timely for the day. Plus, it has Ozzy as a reverend for Pete's sake! That alone is enough to earn a special spot for this one. Ozzy...a reverend...totally awesome.