Hip Hop Rythmes and Rhymes

Hip Hop Rythmes and Rhymes


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:77 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Greek
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Hip Hop Rythmes and Rhymes 2008 full movies, Hip Hop Rythmes and Rhymes torrents movie

Testimonials of various Greek hip-hop artists presented through the eyes of a fictional, newly formed hip-hop band . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hip Hop Rythmes and Rhymes torrent reviews

Ankita D (es) wrote: I loved it........it was spooky,eerie and the songs are beautiful,and the feel and romance factor works great!

Mauricio M (it) wrote: Una buena pelicula que no recurre a demasiada sangre ni a sobresaltos para crear una tension permanente en todo momento. Interesante paralelo entre la detallada elaboracion de muecas y la busqueda de perfeccion a travs de la experimentacion genetica.

Sandra A (mx) wrote: A chinese epic , action, warlords, the beginnings of kung fu among the shaolin monks in order to protect the poor...A little bit for everyone.Very entertaining!

Marah R (kr) wrote: Expected better for a film featuring two iconic actors as Deniro and Travolta. Very poor execution, inconsequent, and boring. The only remarkable thing was the score.

Malinalli G (gb) wrote: Excelente documental para la reflexin y accin inmediata.

Emmanuel T (jp) wrote: Opposite day is about a boy who wishes that kids can take on the role of their parents, and kids can take on the role of their kids. And of course...it happens. The movie offers fantastic performances, a clever script, hilarious quotes, stunning production design, a moving soundtrack, and very touching moments. Actually everything that was just said, is the complete opposite! What was truly meant to be said was that it offers bad performances, a script that probably took 10 minutes to write, lame quotes, OK production design, an overly childly soundtrack, and very frustrating moments. The only joke in which this film offers is the thought of parents acting like kids, and kids acting like parents. Some may laugh at this, but once it keeps going on and on the joke will be over! It's like hearing the "Why did the chicken cross the road?" joke over, and over, and over again! The only people who might enjoy this movie is probably very young children. But this is nothing that they should be wasting their time on, after all there are better movies in this world. Stay away from this one!

Jess A (ag) wrote: I found this movie to be a little draggy and a little long. Other than the fact that the two leads are very talented actors, they just couldn't save this movie.

IIIKatieIII (es) wrote: NICE MOVIE!!! The volume of humanity expressed throughout the film is just great!!! (Life is so short; we must treasure every tick of the clock!! We've to try new things and chase our dreams to find our passions.) >> I think this is the main message of the movie.

Barry H (au) wrote: This film is slightly different from the first 2 films. One of the main differences is the comedy factor which is brought in by Ryan Reynolds. Worth at least a watch!

malou g (br) wrote: galing talaga ng mga bidang babae

Iril Ian R (ca) wrote: four stars lang! hehehehehe... i was a bit bitin! what happened to John after Steve's big reveal? pero it was inspiring though, and moving! love it!

Paula H (ru) wrote: If I had counted the 'fuck you' lines, I'd be into the thousands by now. Don't these script writers understand 'script' or 'dialogue'?

Kieran F (au) wrote: I recently read the book and thought i'd check out the film as well and I can say that Allthough I enjoyed both the film had more things wrong with it then the book.I will say the film follows the book pretty closely as far as conversations go but..that's about all. I honestly found more things wrong wth it then right. for one it does follow the book closley YES but at the same time it jumps around too much. I mean it goes from like chapter 1 to chapter 11 in a matter of minutes like WTF. I mean it does a great job of following the dialogue (it's actually spot on in the book) but as far as the methods of the main character and etc. no.That's another thing the book did great that the film did HORRIBLY. in the book the main character,Leamus, his reasoning for what he's doing and his decent into..well..a disgraced officer is better documented and more interesting. In this it totally skips like..3/4 of his decent and jumps right to the point in the book where he's at his worst. Very disappointing for two reasons. One it makes the character hard to be sympathized over instead turns him into..well...a bastard. and Two it misses out on a huge relationship point in the character between a woman named Liz(who in this film is named Nan and has NOTHING to do with the character) and just avoids it. I guess the rest is okay but after reading the book and then seeing this film I'm disappointed EXTREMELY with this I mean the book isn't even that long(235 pgs) and they turned it into a dull film If you've NEVER read the book you may enjoy it...but if you've read the book you'll be disappointed with this. I honestly would love to see this film redone nowadays.

u (ru) wrote: I just love Audrey Hepburn. She's so natural and light-spirited in all her movies! This movie would have been better if a younger actor was played as Flannagan.

Michael A (fr) wrote: The most under-rated, under-seen movie ever. A great study in human interaction in the Command / Subordinate relationship and a GREAT War movie, not to mention an EXCELLENT cast from top to bottom.

Elgan D (jp) wrote: A powerful drama with a probably a career best showing from Sinatra. The subject matter must have been hugely controversial at the time and has barely been handled better since.

SV G (nl) wrote: far ahead of it's time

Brandon S (au) wrote: What saves this film is the fantastic skill shown in the development of palpable tension and suspense.

Alison O (au) wrote: With an interesting premise that messes about with the viewer's perception of reality, this is a difficult movie to pin down. Steven Soderbergh was able to assemble a stellar cast for this experiment, only spending 18 days on filming and adhering to Lars Von Trier's Dogme 95 rulebook. And no, there is no full frontal.