In this hit Russian musical, a group of friends flaunts Soviet authority in 1950s Moscow by embracing jazz. When Communist Mels falls for Polly, a free-spirited jazz fan, he risks losing his party membership by associating with her rebellious crew.

Young people struggle to do things their way in the 1950s. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tristan M (br) wrote: I have heard plenty about how Steven Seagal is one of the leading action movie characters, and it took me a while to find him. This is my first if his films, and to be honest I'm not very impressed. It's not really his fault, he's not a bad actor by any means, it's the movie itself that fails him. The plot is dull, has too big a scale for the budget, and doesn't really have any backstory. We have the two gangs, and they fight and stuff but there is no origins or backstory. It just seems that it's all there so we can see people fight it up hand to hand. It's all punching, kicking, fancy moves, and half the time the bad guy doesn't fight back. The shooting is a bunch of really bad sound effects thrown together with some crappy blood effects, but most of the time they just run out of ammo shooting and go back to their fists. The ending is a sad attempt at a final battle, and we know the outcome. Danny Trejos character just seems thrown into the mix of actors, I don't really get his role, but he does cure a guys hands with a mix of scorpion poisons. Don't know if that's a real thing, but 99% sure it isn't. Acting isn't terrible but lame, the script is dull, and has an overall cheap feel.

Steffi W (mx) wrote: enjoyed it very much! quality of food is a question of quality of life

Caitlin L (de) wrote: Loved this movie. Really funny. William Macy's character was the best. The ending was priceless as well. I think a sequel is in order.

Fong T (us) wrote: Dead Heist is an oscar-level film released by director Bo Williams. This movie combines action and comedy in an amazingly directed sequence of events. Who can make a bank heist and zombie survival flick all in one? Bo Williams can. The acting in this film is simply superb. This is Danity Kane's best performance to date. No other rapper can play a black zombie hunter as well as Danity Kane. Supporting roles by E-40 and Michael Braxton make the movie even more oscar-worthy. The movie features a grammy winning soundtrack by Marcus Warren. The music and sounds get the audience into the mood and do not disappoint. The special effects are simply incredible. The action is well sequenced, and the graphics quality is off the charts. At one point, I could not tell if the zombie was real or not. The plot is amazing, the acting is superb, and the special effects are well done. This is one of the best thought out flicks any director has made. Who can combine bank heists, zombies, action, comedy all in one? Bo Williams.

Phoebe S (kr) wrote: This movie is oddly very fun and silly, yet explores a very deep and interesting arc in Superman's life. The acting in this is on point and I enjoyed it very much!

Matt G (fr) wrote: The definitive documentary on what it's like to be a stand-up comic. The way it ping-pongs between the triumphs and unique struggles of the huge success found by Seinfeld, and the wonderfully uncomfortable and sad self-centeredness of small-timer Omy is fantastic. And the Cosby part is fascinating given what we know now.

Caleb T (us) wrote: There was a second one?

Yash B (kr) wrote: Funny but not as memorable as first two. Pretty much follows a similar plot to the first but with new characters. It's a movie I watched a lot as a kid so it has more of a nostalgia factor for me.

Derek J (es) wrote: God, I hate you Metalbeast...

No O (us) wrote: One of my favorite Sandra Bullock comedies.

Edward B (de) wrote: This movie is wet your pants funny IMO. Even though it has sub-titles. It is a must see if you want to laugh. I could watch this once a week for the rest of my life, and never get tired of it.

LA L (es) wrote: Very well-executed action film. De Niro and Reno are great.

Dominic S (ag) wrote: One of the best Marilyn films I have ever seen! She plays the role of this smart dumb blonde female performer who is obsessed with diamonds. She performs the role perfectly.A joy of a musical film.Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, I give you a 100%.