His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th

His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th

A retrospective documentary about the groundbreaking horror series, Friday the 13th, featuring interviews with cast and crew from the twelve films spanning 3 decades.

A documentary exploring 30 years of the "Friday The 13th" film series featuring all new interviews with cast and crew from all 12 films and various horror fans and filmmakers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th torrent reviews

Ravishankar N (jp) wrote: Dont waste your time, you have better things to do. unfortunately I dint. it's total bull crap. DONT EVEN WASTE YOUR BROADBAND!!

Cedric L (br) wrote: Sweet and well-acted film.

Ashish D (kr) wrote: this was the Best movie of the year 2009............Very Clean and messageful movie which inspire us to step forward and help others.........

Jesse H (mx) wrote: This film is bad in all the fun ways. Princess Protection Program is a Disney Channel movie that stars Camp Rock's Demi Lovato as a princess who is forced to flee her nation after an evil general takes over it and enslaves her mother one month before she is to be crowned Queen. Princess Lovato takes is relocated by a secret organization dedicated to protecting princesses and is forced to take refuge in Louisiana with tomboy Carter Mason, played by Wizards of Waverly Place's Selena Gomez. The first problem with the film lies with its' premise. If you can't get around the idea that there is a whole government agency dedicated to protecting princesses in distress, then you might as well turn the TV off now, as the whole "princess" concept is taken to huge extremes throughout the film. However, if you can survive that, then the rest of the movie still has nothing to offer you; unless you happen to be a 12 year old girl. It's clear that the writers didn't actually care about the film enough to put real effort into it. The plot is very cliched, the moral is forced, and while Gomez and Lovato are well developed, all the other characters are either lame stereotypes or exist only to please one element of the plot, and then are thrown away to be completely forgotten. While there are funny moments in the film, for the most part the humor includes predictable fish out of water jokes, or simply laughing over how little Disney understands teenagers. That said, this film is kind of fun in how bad it is. I'm not calling it a B movie, per say, but the way it falls flat, isn't really as painful as it is humerus. While many will appreciate what it's trying to do, which is saying that anyone could be a princess, the moral of the film is neither very well developed, or very natural. While I do support the idea of films having moral lessons, I've always believed that those lessons should be subtle. If you have to outright say what you're trying to get across, then you clearly aren't doing the best job at telling a story. Overall, Princes Protection Program falls flat because the people who made it decided that just because the premise is silly, it means that the film can't be very good or complex. While the premise is silly, and will by itself alienate a lot of people, that doesn't mean you can't make fun of it. While the premise is somewhat taken for laughs, they do act like the idea of it is perfectly sane, while in my opinion it would have been funnier had they parodied the fact that the idea of a Princess Protection Program is silly. While I do imagine that preteen girls or very, very, very nostalgic adults will probably enjoy it, most of us probably would look at the premise, and decide against giving it a try. 2 out of 5 stars.

u (it) wrote: This is one of my favorite Japanese movies. Great story and great characters. Love watching this movie.

Alexander P (es) wrote: not sure about this dont know if enjoy or hate it - bean is quality but dyer annoys me

William S (jp) wrote: more of the same... if I wanted that, I would rewatch the first one.

Justin T (ca) wrote: A flawed and confusing film that is ruined by it's ending.

Frances H (au) wrote: Really unusual, strange, Kafkaesque Theater of the Absurd flick. From David Cronenberg, king of the weird, and this is one of his weirdest, and full of gay men all over the place. Strange, with a good cast..

James H (au) wrote: Fair to above average film, good performances, especially JoBeth Williams, but it never rises much above ordinary. Well produced with a reasonably interesting story. Watchable but not particularly memorable.

Alonso A (us) wrote: First half is pure perfection with its surreal images, philosophical themes and visually striking cinematography and violence, second half stutters a little bit with its tone and pace, but still delivers a fine conclusion. Cult cinema at its most bizarre.

Hunter D (it) wrote: Something that was immediately apparent to me while watching Planet of the Vampires was the influence it must have had on Ridley Scott's Alien. Bava's choices of framing had moments that seemed as though they were used as rough storyboards for Scott's film, and the largely internal element of the horror, along with the way the film combines the sci-fi aesthetics of its day with a more gothic look, must have gotten some ideas going in the minds of the folks who worked to create Alien. There is even a scene where the main characters explore a derelict spacecraft filled with the mammoth fossilized corpses of alien beings (the characters are even lured to the planet via a mysterious signal). It was clearly a touchstone for what is probably my favorite science fiction film. Like most Italian directors, Bava largely emphasizes style over substance, bringing his mastery over light, color, and shadow into a sixties sci-fi setting, setting it apart from most of the work being done in the genre visually at the time. Bava makes magnificent use of models and miniatures to create an alien landscape that is still remarkable to look at today despite many things that haven't aged well, especially considering that this is clearly a B-movie. The trouble is that the movie, despite what it does with its small budget, isn't all that entertaining. It's only interesting to watch from academic point of view, lacking the thrills a movie like this should have. While there is some good suspense here, some good jump scares there, the movie as a whole is a bit on the boring side, something that isn't helped by the wooden acting that plagues this movie. Clocking in at eighty-eight minutes, this movie should have been short and sweet, instead it feels like its dragged out to two hours when you watch it. The plot has a nice air of mystery to it, but that mystery is ruined when a Basil Exposition character shows up to explain to the characters (as well as the audience) what is going on. The film really picks up the pace during its final act which smacks of The Thing, and ends with a conclusion that's as uncertain as any frightening final note that John Carpenter ends his films on, but its not enough to pull this movie up from the middling category into the land of good movies. It's also worth noting that the title Planet of the Vampires is a bit decieving, the title "Planet of the Body Snatchers" or something like that might have been a bit more appropriate in regards to actual content of this film. Bava has made many films that I could consider to be genre classics, such as Kill Baby...Kill! and Black Sunday, and while I wanted to include this in the pantheon of must-see works by the innovative Italian director, this isn't one of them. It's a movie I would only recommend to people who love Alien as much as I do, simply because if this movie had not existed, the movie that is Alien probably wouldn't exist, at least not in the form we know it in.

Patrick W (br) wrote: Interesting blend of religion and science fiction. The crew of the Enterprise meets a Vulcan known as Sybock who claims he knows where Heaven is and plays more of the role of a religious cult leader. The performance by DeForest Kelley is one of his best and even William Shatner has a few moments where talent strongly peeks through but still doesn't save this film.

Amanda C (es) wrote: There is absolutely nothing to hold onto in Every Thing Will Be Fine. Wim Wenders has managed to take an incredibly sad and emotional story about the accidental death of a young boy and managed to suck every ounce of feeling out of it. It's misstep after misstep, from the bizarre spelling of the title, (Unless Wenders really means to assure us that all objects will be ok.) to Rachel McAdams' unrecognizable as French accent and capped by a charisma vacuum of a performance from James Franco. There might have been something here when the project but by the end, everything is not fine. All the life has been sucked out of it, meaning the only thing you care about is how much longer it's going to last.

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His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th torrent

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