His New Profession

His New Profession

Charlie takes care of a man in a wheelchair.

Charlie meets a couple and agrees to care for the man's crippled uncle. After the couple breaks up the man's new girl drops some eggs which Charlie slips on while trying to control the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael P (it) wrote: Powerful film with brilliant acting performances! Go see this movie - it is a story that needs to be told!

Carlos M (kr) wrote: Pens que iba a odiarla pero no, tiene sus momentos touchy, medio boba, pero cumple. Deja ver que Dakota Johnson quizs no sea una mala eleccin para ser Anastasia Steele en 50 Shades Of Grey.

Genevieve V (it) wrote: The story of a rich, spoilt young man who, unable to deal with reality and his own emotions, turns to the internet for solace. There he meets a group of people occupying a space on the net they like to call "The Suicide Room".It's a very dark, troubling tale. The acting is excellent and the plot is engaging. I felt thoroughly depressed when it was over, but haven't been able to get it out of my head. If you haven't seen it, do.

Don M (fr) wrote: The collision of economic logic and animal passion, enjoyable more for its wry (some might say smirky) distance than for caring about any of the characters playing out this absurd love triangle.

pamela n (es) wrote: what? 3 awesome humans beings en una MOVIE!!! cuando essssssssssssssss?

Thomas C (fr) wrote: Hard to make a bad Ali movie, this is a must see for fight fans:)

Tyson P (ru) wrote: this movie was suprisingly a lot better than i was expecting, i looked at the cover and it seemed to be a straight to dvd that strived off its celebrity or proffesional fighter appearences(kimbo slice) but i was suprised to see that there was a little bit of a storyline here and an impressive well used budget. the only thing i could complain about was that there were some flaws in the fight scenes, especially the first one. the actors seemed to be waiting for the next choreographed punch, kick, or through but thankfully i did not notice this throughout the whole film. all in all i would recommend it for people but warn you not to get your expectations up. go in it with low expectations and you might be pleasently suprised. 100% on the tomatometre is way to high.

Daniel P (nl) wrote: Low on budget and equally low on quality. The acting was often very awkward. The biggest surprise was that I watched it through until the end!

Jesse T (br) wrote: Takes a tragic phenomenon and puts it both in a universal and intelligent context.

Indu R (mx) wrote: They should not have made the fourth movie especially when you kill off Connor Mcleod.

Matt B (ca) wrote: I really liked the tone of this film. Proves that a good script can make for a powerful picture that doesn't need special effects,known actor and even color for that matter. This movie pretty much solidified for me that everything Nolan directs is solid and worth it as each of his films always leave a lasting impression on viewers even with such a small and short film like following. I recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Nolan especially his earlier works.

Pasha A (br) wrote: You don't have Terence Stamp, Julie Christie, Peter Finch and John Schlesinger in this version, but this version of Hardy's novel is more loyal to the book. In spite of the weaknesses of this TV Film, I enjoy watching it.

Bethany F (nl) wrote: This movie was awesomely ridiculous! I reminded me of the same weird Humor of "Super Mario Bros" and "Howard the Duck" I don't care what people say about this movie, if was definitely not out there to be serious, but the actors meant their lines and played the surreal roles to the best of their abilities. Especially Shannon Tweed, she seemed to be the best actor in the whole film, and Adrienne Barbeau is a film veteran almost as we all know. I really wish that Adrienne Barbeau would have lost that ridiculous hairdo! I hate that hairstyle on her and she has it in EVERYTHGIN!!!! (Swamp Thing, Creepshow, even the Fog has a tamed down version of that poodle fro) Anyways, I thought the story line was really ridiculous (the government is running out of Avocados?) WTF??? But as the film progressed the story got a lot better the watch. Bill Maher was damn funny as Jim and Karen Mistal who played Bunny was hilarious, I would have loved to see Julie Brown in this type of role though. The Piranha women reminded me of reject warriors from "Red Sonja" or "Barbarian Queen" I have no idea who the one Piranha girl who got a lot of screen time but had like.. 4 lines was. I suspect a super model, but ... she was boring to watch. I have to say my favorite part of this film is when Margo is sharing her inner most feelings with Bunny who reveals her darkest secret, which is that she has a fetish for Licorice rope, spankings and Bolero, and the next morning Jim is singing Bolero and eating Licorice rope. I laughed my ass off! Plus the reason why the Piranha women and the Barracuda women have been divided for years was also so ridiculously funny. By the time the film was done, all I could do was laugh at how ridiculous this film was, but at least it left me with something. That I know Shannon Tweed is a pretty versatile actress, even though her sword fight with Adrienne Barbeau was so ridiculously bad I almost had to look away. Otherwise though this is a damn funny movie, and well worth a watch for a few giggles.

Andy S (kr) wrote: I don't know why I love this film, it has obvious flaws. Maybe because it's just sooo Swinging London. Oh and it has a closing shot of a man in a burning gorilla suit riding a moped down the Mall.

H C (ca) wrote: Not a typical Doris Day film. Set in London, Doris's character is terrorized by someone she can't see through the London fog. Rex Harrison plays her husband. A suspenseful old movie. It's pretty hard to find (only on VHS).

Derrick H (ag) wrote: the I Carfarefxdazszuxu