His Royal Slyness

His Royal Slyness

A young adventurer trades places with a European prince and falls in love above his station.

An American book salesman (Lloyd) is persuaded to go to the kingdom of Thermosa to impersonate the Prince. He is greeted by a peasants' revolt before the real prince shows up to claim his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Randy M (fr) wrote: A well acted yet dull movie. I didn't particularly like or care about either of the main characters. The plot is that after ten years of marriage she leaves him for another man and comes back later in the day after he has found out. Most of the story covers the next 36 hours or so. Maybe someone else liked this one but I didn't.

Jeffery S (ag) wrote: the most fun i have had watching a "cthulhu" movie in years!

Abhishek R (es) wrote: Nice entertaining movie,even better than 1st one,i m very sure after this movie mumbai police will be seen in good light,hats off to the police for working for so long hours without high pay,some of the scenes were brilliantly directed by shetty and well acted by Ajay devgn.3 of the scenes which were superbly shot were - 1 was the police dragging the villain by his neck n taking him to the police station walking through the road among the public bcoz the police cars were burnt , 2nd scene was when baajirao singham beats up some boys for accepting cash for voting criminals in elections n how their mother defends her son for accepting the money 3rd scene was when 47000 mumbai police take to the streets to protest against the system,i know these things will never happen but how v wish it wud some day,though all this really looked good n felt good to see :) ...not to forget the cool dialogues which made the people to clap n shout in excitement :D

Luke A (au) wrote: Had everything going for it.... but the executioner couldn't make a clean kill.

Erickruben O (ca) wrote: el que percevera alcanza

Karl K (fr) wrote: Well, Mr del Toro, sure we all make mistakes.

Rob S (kr) wrote: I still don't understand this movie. It makes no sense and the Corey's have never been worse (and that's saying a lot!!)

Tobias M (us) wrote: Diner is very aware of itself without any driving plot, untimately I didnt care about any of the characters. It all felt too sentimental.

jay n (ca) wrote: Frantic comedy that in lesser hands would be ridiculous but Sturges moves it along at such a lively clip that it comes across as silly and charming. An ace cast all perform marvelously but Demarest stands out as marine with a solution, no matter how farfetched, for every problem.

Rick B (kr) wrote: Watched this on a whim. I really wanted it to be better. I didn't find the plot to be interesting, and the I really hated Liliom's character. While it may stick true to the source, I despised Liliom himself. I did, however, enjoy the old special effects. It's amazing what was accomplished back then.

Baris O (nl) wrote: This Spider man film should be good when I finally watch it.