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His Women


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Justin M (ag) wrote: An interesting and new use of filters on the lenses during shooting gives this documentary a cinematic feel. In most cases documentaries like to display as many colors as possible all the time, but Last Lions director decided on the sepia colour range for the most part. Making for a warm watch.

NeCrO (de) wrote: I liked the premise even though it has been done before

Paul O (ru) wrote: The makers of this film have a great idea for a storyline with moments of gore and scenes that some might find disturbing but the film suffers from poor acting, a low budget and a story that is not quite executed like it could've been.

Mauricio O (jp) wrote: Great band, great songs, great show! Watch it! The only thing missing: When I come around!

Noah A (de) wrote: Who finds this guy funny?! F

Marko S (jp) wrote: A bit sick and brutal dark comedy about stereotypes. Actually good if you like this kind of humor and find the amusement in the characters. The story is well put together where every piece has its place and the sound effects are excellent. The ending could had been stronger though, I missed a real clash between the gang leaders.

Jeff B (ca) wrote: Another hard one to call. Were it not for its quirkiness this would be barely watchable. At times it feels very thin, like we are missing pertinent details about certain characters. Ultimately this is just too boring and badly British for my tastes.

Danielle S (fr) wrote: good lord what a movie!

Shounak B (es) wrote: A film on neo-nazism takes place in the recent days of Australia where racism is becoming more significant day by day,hence can be called it an innovative approach but fails at the end when everything ends happy and leaves thousand questions. Crowe shines though!

Tony C (ca) wrote: It seems that most of the critics, have given very harsh reviews for Big Stone Gap. However, I do think the movie is very well done. I may be somewhat biased, though, since the entire move was filmed on location in the town I grew up in! No green screens here! The cinematography reminds me of how beautiful the region is, too, and that I never really appreciated its splendor until I moved away. If you enjoy a good love story, a very accurate historical portrayal of life in a 1970's southern Appalachian town and beautiful mountain scenery, then Big Stone Gap is a movie is for you.