Histeria is a horror film about six female students attending a supposedly haunted school. As part of a prank, they pretend to be hysterical and are so convincing that the school calls in a witch doctor to “cure” them. However, they soon find themselves faced with some truly mysterious occurrences and a series of grisly deaths that could either be caused by supernatural forces or by one of the girls themselves.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:Malay
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:high school,  

A prank goes terribly wrong and a demon is unleashed upon an all-girls school. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cj M (ag) wrote: Brilliant and beautiful and funny.

Step Hi ne J (nl) wrote: Watched it in cinemas great I liked it alot

Alexis R (jp) wrote: Vampire Diary Movie Review! You ever hear the phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover"? Well that is exactly what you can expect when watching this.The premise is thus: A young woman who is a filmmaker stumbles upon another woman in a vampire/goth party. Befriended one another, they both fall for each other; paving way to the realization that the young woman is a vampire.The acting in the movie is slightly above average. It's nothing magnificent, but it isn't in any way bad. You won't have a hard time believing these people can't act, though in some scenes, they could have done a slightly better job.The visuals of the movie rely on a handheld camera. And while it does look grainy and alright, it could've been a bit better. I mean, the budget of the movie is estimated to be around 650,000. I believe that's more than enough to afford a better camera. But I digress.The story-line is rich. And it's full of twists and turns (as evident as the final moments of the movie). The character development is odd, but that is the purpose of the movie; to have an odd pair of people confronting the situations that the movie provides.This will be the first movie that will be rated individually by us; due to the fact that we couldn't agree with each other with the particular decision of one vote.It receives an 8 out of 10.

Joel R (au) wrote: nice movie about teamwork

Kristiana G (it) wrote: Old but good movie. It was wierd to see Danny DeVito so young.

Brian S (ag) wrote: Ed Wood's last theatrical movie clocks in at just over an hour. How is it? Well, it's an Ed Wood movie. If you don't know what that means, why are you reading this? Go watch "Plan 9 from Outer Space" or "Glenn or Glenda" before proceeding further. I can wait.Dum de dum de dum...That last line wasn't me singing. That was largely my review. Ed Wood couldn't write or direct his way out a wet napkin, yet there's entertainment to be had here in his failings. Laughs, mainly. For example, the events of this flick are set in motion when an elderly couple shows up at an LA police station after experiencing a "nightmare of horrors!" The poor old woman will "never forget that horrible face and those long fingers!" Then we get the flashback and what, exactly, scared these terrified seniors? Why, a slender, attractive, fairly typical blond woman in a slightly frayed prom gown walking slowly toward their car. THE HORROR... I SHALL NEVER SLEEP AGAIN!But wait, there's more! We also get Criswell, noted psychic, loon and Wood regular, acting as narrator. He makes everything sound so *serious*. No, that's not the word. He makes everything sound like he's off his rocker. Yeah, that's it. If you listen carefully to Wood's commentary about what "society's greatest horrors" are as spoken by Criswell, which occupy close to ten minutes of stock footage and babbling, you'll soon realize that none of it makes any sense at all. I don't just mean the thinking involved, I mean the actual language being used. Methinks old Ed might have been hitting the bottle a bit while writing the script for this one.And the story? Well, there's a phony medium -- Dr. Acula -- taking people's money for letting them communicate with their dead husbands and wives. No, really, the guy's name is Dr. Acula. And a cop goes to investigate this... but it turns out that Dr. Acula *isn't* a phony, and the ghosts of all the dead husbands gang up on him and kill him. The End. Oh, yeah, Tor Johnson is also hanging about, though he doesn't do much in this one, and there's some ghostly woman in black lace hanging around outdoors, but she just kind of hovers there and never really does anything.Like I said, this is an Ed Wood movie... his last one before he stayed drunk all the time and switched from bad horror to bad porn. In a sense, this is Wood's epitaph as a director. It took nearly 25 years from the time this was shot until the film was developed because he'd run out of time and money. All of that's sad, but the flick itself is pure Wood. Watching this is celebrating Wood, not mourning Wood.Get it? It's a pun. Pretty bad, right? Still better than "Night of the Ghouls." That's what makes it fun!

Joshua L (gb) wrote: The story wasnt great, the acting was good. The movie itself is very well made and is good at being creepy as fuck which what i enjoyed most about the movie.

Trent R (au) wrote: Very dark and suspenseful with lots of ironic social critique. But not as humorous as later work like I'm Alright Jack. This seems like the DNA for a whole subgenre. Made me want to re-watch some Danger: UXB.

Stephen P (es) wrote: A classic melodrama on the subject of unrequited love and the power of obsession starring the always mesmerising Joan Fontaine

Ilja S (mx) wrote: Bedknobs and Broomsticks takes a familiar scenario and provides outstanding acting, great music and a lot of humor. If you can get pass the ww2 element of the film, it is a brilliant childerns movie and both gritty and fun.

Alex r (kr) wrote: Mediocre Slasher with clichd genre elements, Visiting Hours is uninspired and is a film that we've seen many times before. The problem with the film is that it is a film that we've seen many times before, made in 1982, by this point, the Slasher genre was in high gear, and many films were released, some were good, others forgettable. Visiting Hours is a forgettable one. The cast do what they can with the material. Talented actor Michael Ironside is effective here, but the films falls apart due to a lacking script and it's a shame because he is an effective villain. Genre fans may be disappointed by this one, and if you want the better Hospital themed Slasher film, check out Hospital Massacre instead. This film should have been better, but it feels rushed because of the fact that every studio were trying to outdo Friday the 13th and make a quick buck, it just ends up being another film that suffers from a plot that adds nothing new to the formula. Add to that a low body count, lack of any real suspense, and you have a Slasher outing that doesn't deliver on its interesting premise. If you're going into this expecting a great horror film, you'll sadly be disappointed. You won't find anything really engaging here. This film is quite boring and never really entertaining. This is a mediocre affair that never takes off and just starts coming apart halfway through. Though it's a film that should have been good, everything just seems out of place to really make it a worthwhile experience for horror fans.