Historia de un director idiota

Historia de un director idiota

How can a film maker became absolutely despicable. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martha w (ca) wrote: vampires are cooler than wherewolves, enough said

Roberto V (de) wrote: A well intentioned romance ....

DISCO CHAD (fr) wrote: I like the actors in this movie and I love the suspense. It is worth watching and the ending is marvelous.

Chad D (gb) wrote: meatballs remains his best work.

Hillari H (mx) wrote: A cut above most blacksploitation movies that were out around the time this one was released. Godfrey and St. Jacques work well off of each other, and Redd Foxx has a good role.

John O (es) wrote: 1960s vibe meets film noir. Uneven and mostly dull but Garner shines and the Bruce Lee cameo remains captivating.

Graham J (us) wrote: Another Capra masterpiece that is still relevant today. Cooper and Brennan are great.

Steve W (ca) wrote: Unlike the original, this remake of the classic children's story feels off. It may be the set design, or the CGI, but it feels cold instead of warm. And the film doesn't try to be realistic at all. Its hard to base this film on its own merits, and not compare it to its predecessor. The film's bratty children feel like caricatures, and the film doesn't quite get the character of Willy Wonka right. The extra backstory is weird and doesn't gel well with the film. I do like the musical score, but very little else.