Historia de una soga

Historia de una soga


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Alexander F (kr) wrote: What power of enduring love are we watching? his love for design? there was certainly no loyalty in the bedroom...it was spent every other night somewhere else. This movie has no soul and is boring

Ricardo A (ag) wrote: Gross and over the top violent. I spit on your grave 2 works at making the audience cringe. See it if you're into some torture porn.

cli o (de) wrote: really wana see this

Marcello C (fr) wrote: lol this movie!! sucked so bad it came back to be kinda of good... kinda like a pug, so ugly it became cute

Charlene K (au) wrote: Great cinematography and good backdrop shooting location. Slow and Dark movie plot about seductiona and betrayal. the Actresses made efforts to learn & speak Shanghainese for their roles

Zachary Y (jp) wrote: Bad music is the main problem, another huge one is lack of conclusion, poor narrative-style and boring characters. Christian Bale steals the show mostly.

Ali V (au) wrote: Really wanted to like this, but in the end I felt nothing for the characters due to the lack of development.

mike p (gb) wrote: Tight little thriller from Dr. Phibes helmer Robert Fuest. This is a pretty tense film. Nicely paced with the tension mounting every frame. This is Fuests first film and he fills it with lots of suspicious characters, thatll keep you guessing. Franklin is great, as she is the main character who has to hold this film together. I love the title And Soon The Darkness, and the film itself is another great example of British horror/thrillers.

Thomas O (nl) wrote: Most of my female first cousins went to a Catholic girls high school one mile from here and this film reminds me of going to Catholic school in the 1960's. Rosalind Russel was excellent at the Mother Superior, Stella Stevens was right on for her portrayal of the young, idealistic nun, and Milton Berle is great in his role as the stereotypical big shot tycoon. The best scene is the school bus in the car wash.

Felipe V (mx) wrote: Mientras uno se deslumbra con Sergio Leone, a veces otro grande del western con sabor a spaghetti pasa desapercibido: Sergio Corbucci. Esta vez es un indio navajo (un Burt Reynolds del '66) el que debe vengar la muerte de su esposa ante una banda de forajidos, que quieren robar dinero y matar al que se les interponga o simplemente sea testigo. Pese a ocupar la formula clasica del spaghetti -aunque esta vez el motivo de la venganza es manifiesto-, por su fotografia y por la forma en que consigue transmitir aquella mezcla de honradez y violencia en un mismo personaje. Ennio Morricone -que en esta pelicula firma con el seudonimo de Leo Nichols- esta otra vez fenomenal para darle vida a la pelicula.

Ricky P (jp) wrote: A gritty and entertaining throwback to classic gangster flicks. American Gangster is another great film from director Ridley Scott and Denzel Washington at his very best of his entire career

Jennifer S (au) wrote: Great movie for all age!

max h (de) wrote: Certainly more funny than I expected, taking on the witless versions of Bonnie and Clyde as they lead authorities on a merry chase across Texas.