Historia del documental

Historia del documental


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Bruno V (au) wrote: Strange family , most of them was missing a corner .

solidity q (gb) wrote: A good cast rounds out this straight to video dull fest that leaves you intrigued throughout, and climaxes with gusto.

Joshua D (gb) wrote: "Mum kept me away from her family because she was scared. I didn't realize it at the time, but they were all scared - even if they didn't show it."Animal Kingdom is realistic in its notion to the point of trepidation while swift and unrelenting in it's action. This film is everything it wants to be. The mutilation of a crime syndicate shown through explicit lenses.

Octa V (de) wrote: Crazy, crazy, crazy movie. Funny, grotesque just like a Hyeronimus Bosch painting. But then, Palfi always makes strange movies that really challenge your eyesight, taste and smells. I would love to have his brain for a few days.

(fr) wrote: About some college graduates who after all there time in college still don't have the slightest clue on what they want to do in life. It was an OK movie. It stars a young Ben Affleck. It was just some mediocre acting, Nothing speacial about this movie. Not worth seeing again.

Elvis P (mx) wrote: I don't remember this one. ...>_>

Mark B (nl) wrote: rsy milland is pretty much entertaining in anything he stars in .. espcially camp movies like this produced and directed by "the king of the b-movies" himself roger corman ... but what makes this all the much sweeter is don rickles is in this fresh off the frankie and annette beach movies :)i love AIP

Ann J (nl) wrote: Scared the wits out of me.

Heather P (ru) wrote: This movie is fun - a lot of laughs (for a T.V. movie), a good amount of action (for a T.V. movie), and girl power. There's no dramatic, depressing subplot. There isn't holiday music playing constantly. There isn't the 'fake fiance to impress my parents' plot that most holiday romance movies have. It's a lot of jokes about Italians/guidos from New Jersey (I'm a Puerto Rican-Italian from New Jersey and the jokes are spot on.), a lot of catching bad guys without anyone getting hurt (it's a bit like Home Alone in that regard), and a love triangle with good chemistry between the actors. The actor who plays the leading lady (Francia Raisa) is actually Hispanic, not Italian, so I assume her character is supposed to be adopted. Whatever the case, I appreciate that they cast a person of color for the lead.