Histórias Que Nossas Babás Não Contavam

Histórias Que Nossas Babás Não Contavam

Erotic spoof of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Erotic spoof of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yoonki C (au) wrote: This is an absolute fail. Everything in this movie fails and this film is boring all the time. This is a movie that should not have been existed. This is truly a horrible movie. I am so in shame that I even spent my money to see in the theaters. Such a horrible experience.

Eric R (mx) wrote: Amazing view behind the curtain look at the anarchists, communist, violent radical revolutionists behind the movement.

Lewis C (us) wrote: Machete Maidens Unleashed is a good documentary for anyone fond of the exploitation movies of the 60's, 70's, and early 80's, as well as Roger Corman's movies in particular. Unlike the best documentaries, though, it won't hold much value for people who don't already have prior interest in the topic.

Simon P (es) wrote: This rare treat from Mr Oizo only serves up medium chuckles but its pure oddness and techno beats are really well done.

Chase H (br) wrote: lol.... not bad for a low budget film where coke dealers use SKS's dressed up like AK's... Not to mention the chrome plated Desert Eagles that fire 18 bullets without reloading. The sig380 looks too much like a Makarov to me. HMMMM?? haha still an alright movie.

Kendyl C (br) wrote: The consensus says it's a "soap opera for teens". Even for the early noughties, Degrassi and everything else on cable succeeded at that department without needing forced, forgettable melodrama or Mandy Moore in the starring role.

Corbin R (us) wrote: If you're looking for a rom com then please look elsewhere (I suggest Sweet Home Alabama). This is not a romantic movie in my opinion. It tries to be a romantic film but completely lacks chemistry between the two love interests (Bullock & Connick). This film is more so a serious drama about a family torn apart by a cheating husband and how the mother and daughter have to pick up the pieces of their broken life while the mother literally tries to discover her identity. This movie tries to be many things but most of which is bland and confusing. The tonal shifts are jarring and the plot line is lackluster. Bullock does a decent job acting but at times it feels forced. Harry Connick Jr. is simply dreadful. His acting is wooden and honestly he comes across completely full of himself at times. He's just this slow talkin good'ol country boy that can make a girl laugh and feel good no matter what ridiculous line he drawls out. Mae Whitman, honestly, steals the show with her performance. Also, beware there are some heart wrenching moments that really make you feel terrible and just want to shut the movie off (the opening scene for instance). I highly recommend giving this film a pass. If you want to see Bullock in a romantic comedy then give the far superior "While You Were Sleeping" a watch.

Anthony V (es) wrote: I will never be suckered into seeing another Mike Figgis movie again.

Mike C (mx) wrote: Bad Lieutenant is almost as grim as reality can be. Shocking and riveting at the same time.

Amanda R (de) wrote: Had me in stitches several times, despite its serious 80's schlock factor. Phillipe Noiret is great (RIP).

Cody C (ru) wrote: Brilliant satire. Way ahead of its time. Set the stage for stuff like Chappelle's Show, Tim & Eric, etc. Yes it's hit or miss, but the hits are huge. As important a film to see as any of the classics like Psycho or Citizen Kane or whatever. And I'd say way more important to see than Dr. Strangelove. Nothing against that film, of course.

Karen M (mx) wrote: carol channing is the stuff of nightmares...

Shawn S (jp) wrote: This is a truly exceptional film and Alan Rickman & Bruce Willis are great.

Serge L (mx) wrote: Rather bad film for such a good rating. I was intrigued at first but when the guy declares having lived longer than anyone without being a vampire, it lost me. The discussions were not smart and I lost interest to the point of skimming through. It sounded like a cheap bible-oriented story and the spoilers revealed it was. If Jesus was alive, he surely would find ways to communicate to the world and not act like a bum.

Sean C (us) wrote: Always nice to catch up on some vintage Ealing comedy to chill out to at the end of a full day. It moves at a zip and establishes the premise very quickly. Loved the bit where the woman wouldnt talk until a mouse popped onto her chair.