History Is Made at Night

History Is Made at Night

The obsessive and jealous shipowner Bruce Vail does not accept the divorce his wife Irene Vail achieved in London, and he hires his driver Michael Browsky to forge adultery with Irene in Paris to make the decree null. However, she is rescued by the headwaiter Paul Dumond, who punches Michael and locks Bruce and his private eyes in a locker, and they spend a wonderful night together in the restaurant Chateau Bleu, where Paul and his best friend Chef Cesare work, and they fall in love for each other. Meanwhile, Bruce kills Michael and blackmails Irene, blaming Paul and forcing her to return with him to New York.

Divorcee Irene Vail falls for a charming Parisian, but her insanely jealous ex-husband will do anything to get her back... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kameron W (gb) wrote: Even with the found footage style which I'm not a fan of I still loved this movie

ashley b (es) wrote: didnt see but i want to see

Kristina K (ca) wrote: It's a 2 hour movie and I wish it was even longer! Well written, acted movie. The characters, the plot... everything about it was just brilliant.

Rorshach S (ca) wrote: A fast-paced, engaging thriller that I'm surprised is disliked so much.

Chloe A (gb) wrote: 5 stars! I love this film so much! It's fantastic!

Zach P (jp) wrote: Fantastic performances all around, and Paul Thomas Anderson's direction is flawless. The film paints a vivid and complex picture of the adult film industry in the '70s, and it takes the subject matter seriously and masterfully. The only downside is that the movie is a little too busy at times and could've done without a few of the characters and their subplots.

Justin S (mx) wrote: Solid and entertaining. It's worth watching if you like spy thrillers.

Jey A (ag) wrote: Africa just gets no end of crap...

Christian M (jp) wrote: Who exactly was this movie made for?

Tyler J (fr) wrote: I think my dad was an extra in this. Oh well, still don't really care to see it.

DC F (fr) wrote: A little Western gem usually passed up, but not too badly done. It has Lee van Cleef playing the type of personality he always has with a typically good Spaghetti Western soundtrack.

Michael T (it) wrote: Rapid-fire dialogue and the presence of James Cagney elevates this Warner Bros. backstage musical to perfection; Busby Berkeley production numbers include "Shanghai Lil," "Honeymoon Hotel," and the spectacular "By a Waterfall."