Hit Parade

Hit Parade

Jerome Archer is a retired hit man living the straight life as a retail bookstore manager. When he is coerced by a pair of industrious United States Census Bureau agents to hunt down a dangerous, young contract killer, Jerome suddenly has a life-altering choice to make: will he be forced to return to his old, murderous ways... or will he find a new way out?

Jerome Archer is a retired hit man living the straight life as a retail bookstore manager. When he is coerced by a pair of industrious United States Census Bureau agents to hunt down a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dilson V (us) wrote: Operation: Daybreak (1975) Far Better MovieI my opinion Operation: Daybreak (1975) is a far better movie than this remake, with a much better atmosphere of the struggle and tense time the people of Prague were experiencing Q... the quality of acting? once again the question arises CAN MR DORNAN ACT ??? The direction has a modern feel but keeps a steady pace and the script is good but as is most the case in modern day movies ....The Acting is really poor Murphy and Dornan are truly unconvincing with dreadful accents, what a shame it really it could have been a great remake of a very good attempt back in the 70's.I would suggest to go and see this and make your own mind up, but also watch the 1970's version.

Mario F (gb) wrote: Doremus' films should only include 2 roles. He got amazing performances out of Pearce and Jones, but the rest of the cast fell short both in the script, and on screen.

Kevin R (us) wrote: I can finally be like dad A circus performer and a group of mercenaries are transformed into mutants when a government experiment blows up in their faces. The mercenaries pursue a path of evil that starts with robbery and eventually leads to a plan of world domination. The circus performer, with the help of a local law enforcement officer, work together to try and thwart the plans of the mutants. "I will shove your ugly head all the way up your ass." Benny Chan, director of New Police Story, Big Bullet, Divergence, Robin-B-Hood, Connected, and the upcoming Shaolin, delivers City Under Siege. The storyline for this picture is awful. The way the plot was executed reminded me a little of Superman 2 (when Superman fought Zod and his two followers). The acting was okay but I expected it to be better since this supposedly starred Jacky Wu. "I'm the fat guy that helped you out." Jacky Wu is one of my all time favorite martial arts actors (after only Bruce Lee and Donnie Yen). Unfortunately, this film barely utilized his talents. This film focused primarily on the special effects and mutants rather than Jackie Wu. This film was painful to watch as the mutants crash and burned (but somehow found the time to fall in love). Overall, this is an awful movie that only receives a 1 because Jacky Wu appears in the picture. "I forgot my damn line again." Grade: F

Leyla H (kr) wrote: I absolutely LOVED this movie!!! It was hillarious and at the same time, it moved me to tears.... I recommend ANYONE watch this movie... What more can I say? I love it! I love it! I love it!!!!!

Evan H (br) wrote: pretty weird movie hahhh but you have to love some of the wigs!

Delwyn J (ca) wrote: Campy horror flick with some great jump scares. John Goodman is hilarious in this.

Dominic P (jp) wrote: A contemporary retelling of His Girl Friday and The Front Page, starring Burt Reynolds (Heat, Stick, Rent-A-Cop), Kathleen Turner (Romancing the Stone, War of the Roses, V.I. Warshawski) and the late Christopher Reeves (struggling to escape the shadow cast on his career by Superman I-IV). Supplanting a newspaper for a news channel, Reynolds is the broadcaster trying to romance his ex-wife while keeping her on a top news story while she is leaving for a new job and a new life with her fiance (Reeves). Reynolds cheeky charm and Turners tough but vulnerable persona see them through the mildly entertaining slapstick that ensues.

Spookie M (de) wrote: Lee Marvin is a badass mob enforcer and Gene Hackman is a Kansas City hood who runs girls and turns people into human sausages in his meat packing warehouse. Fast paced and sleazy with a great shootout at the end!

Bob W (gb) wrote: The film comes across at first like very pleasant romantic melodrama with charming performances by Reagan, Cummings, Sheridan and Fields. But it becomes a tense, tragic story with malevolence yet somehow uplifting in the end.

Jamie C (gb) wrote: Great film that had one of the best car chases I've ever seen in a film, Great entertaining action movie, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were again brilliant together.

Ahmad J (nl) wrote: Not as good as the first one!