Hit the Saddle

Hit the Saddle

Unable to legally capture and sell a herd of protected wild horses, corrupt rancher Rance Macgowan uses his trained killer horse, Volcano, to substitute for the real leader of the herd and cause havoc and death among the ranches. With the government about to drop the restrictions on rounding up the herd, the Three Mesquiteers find themselves in the middle of the controversy after their friend, Sheriff Miller is killed by Volcano.

Unable to legally capture and sell a herd of protected wild horses, corrupt rancher Rance Macgowan uses his trained killer horse, Volcano, to substitute for the real leader of the herd and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dean K (us) wrote: A strange film really, bit slow to start with but has a very good ending with a twist.

Jordan F (ca) wrote: A beautifully made film with a unique soundtrack however has a dull plot and pace. Peter Stormare is great and proves to be an acting chameleon

Buggy B (es) wrote: This was all over the place, back and forth, going nowhere and ultimately without an ending. I don't really know what this movie was trying to achieve. It started out alright, different than I was expecting anyways, with a fun ensemble cast and a storyline that wasn't the usual rom-com crap. And while I'm not usually a fan of Reece Witherspoon I didn't mind her here, she looked beautiful and her storyline surrounding being cut from the National softball team because she was past her prime was at least interesting. I also enjoyed Owen Wilson in his playboy pitcher role, he had some funny lines. It was nice to see Jack Nicholson again too -where the hell has he been lately? As the movie progressed though it just seemed to stall out, with Reece sporting a perpetually confused expression as she evaluates her life, moving in with 'Matty" moving out again, then entering into a love triangle of sorts with 'George' a cooperate guy in turmoil who she has zero chemistry with, plus he's acting like a lunatic. There were also many scenes involving catching the bus, why was everyone on the bus? And then the movie just ends without resolving any of the storylines. The credits roll you go huh?? And then think to yourself, what a waste of time.10/13/14

Michael W (de) wrote: a fantastic documentary about how debate has changed many students' lives. it follows a handful of students over a couple of years through competitions and delves into their personal lives. its a movie people who have no interest in debate would probably even like.

Mario J (gb) wrote: Divertida, nada ms se puede decir. 5/10

Cory A (gb) wrote: I have never seen such an accurate representation of what goes on inside the mind of someone suffering from schizophrenia. It's a pretty heavy film, and it relies more on atmosphere and acting than dialogue, but it is masterly crafted. You live it.

Don S (fr) wrote: Low budget doesn't bother me, but bad acting and bad writing do. The entire premise is shaky and hard to believe from the start - the kid knew it was his dad, so what was the big trauma? Later, we have a scene right out of a medieval period piece with the "villagers" brandishing torches and chasing the villain through the streets of town. Effects are about what you'd expect on this budget; actually, that's being generous on my part. This is just lame.

Tanner B (jp) wrote: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964) ??One of the all-time greats. Martians kidnap Santa Claus because there is nobody on Mars to give their children presents. Got that? Now forget it. Grade Z junk.

Jamie I (ca) wrote: The best version of Hamlet I have ever seen. For real. David Tennent masterfully commands every single scene. Highly recommended.

Bodeng J (kr) wrote: This is my most loved movie ever. My number one movie list. So provoking and i loved to watch it over and over again.

Dan D (jp) wrote: Promises to be quite good, but ends up being a bit shit - in a word.