Hitler IIIº Mundo

Hitler IIIº Mundo

The ascension of a Nazi leader in the third world.

The ascension of a Nazi leader in the third world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bud N (nl) wrote: No stars. Depressing dose of hopelessness. Surely there must be one kid in Rich Hill who is not doomed. Two of the three are, the third is a long shot at best. Rural poverty is well portrayed but the causes weren't presented by the filmmakers.

Carlee N (us) wrote: Very different but interesting movie. Obviously good acting from shai!

Dan H (ca) wrote: Really bad, and really boring. Only good part is Alexia Fast as Amanda (super hot and immensely watchable). If you are curious, just fast forward to whenever she's on and skip the rest.

Randy Y (kr) wrote: A nice investigation of the popularity of pharmaceuticals for children. Questions the system and governing bodies that approve the medications that have demonstrate serious side effects. Narration is quite dry sounding and makes the pace of the film slower- but the information is compelling.

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Nicole T (es) wrote: Not what I was expecting, I wish they hadn't focused so heavily on the Christian aspect.

Nikki Alice L (es) wrote: This is a great love story.

Ryan K (au) wrote: I liked this movie but not a whole lot. There are some really funny moments in this movie. but sadly the movie loses the momentum a bit but it picks back up. The comedy is solid and the characters are good to. I thought this was more for girls but I kind of had fun with it. It may not be the perfect movie but it's a solid one.

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Xander S (mx) wrote: If a sequel to "Halloween" was inevitable, we're lucky this is what we got. Easily dismissed for its superfluous nature (in spite of the original's sequel-bait ending), "Halloween II" (the original) is actually a solid, well-paced chiller with a number of good scares. Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode remains a resourceful, well-developed heroine, even sidelined in a hospital bed for much of the movie. In fact, the hospital setting is one of the sequel's great strengths. Dean Cundey's murky cinematography makes it feel like a haunted house, to enter at our own peril. And if director Rick Rosenthal doesn't have John Carpenter's gifts, he at least has a talented enough crew to bolster him. Most of them are, in fact, holdovers from the original: master cinematographer Cundey, co-writer and producer Debra Hill, even Carpenter himself as composer and co-writer. The result is a movie that, while wholly unnecessary and decidedly inferior to the original, stays reasonably true to its grim spirit.

jackson m (au) wrote: Yes, "Lawrence of Arabia" epitomizes cinema's ability to transcend the screen, but the main reason that you will keep revisiting David Lean's classic will not be solely contributed from the beautiful imagery, but rather from the enigmatic protagonist; a character that is highly flawed and represents the collective and misconceived celebration of historical figures.

Cody L (it) wrote: I loved this movie! The acting and directing could have been better but overall I felt that this movie is a must see for everyone and I would love to see again. I felt the message was very powerful and I'm glad to hear the movie was very close to what had actually happened.

Michael W (us) wrote: Union Major recruits personal army including Confederate prisoners in pursuit of savage Apaches. Well shot with many recognizable faces but not prime Peckinpah. Tanked at box office but nicely restored on dvd with extended version.