Hitler: The Rise of Evil

Hitler: The Rise of Evil

The film is a unique slant, profiling the life of the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler as a child and as he gains power after World War I as his hatred of Jews becomes central to his political mission. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Hitler: The Rise of Evil torrent reviews

Ethan P (mx) wrote: ok well, i was going to go see this for an activity at our local church. BUT it got really boring so my friends and i hung out with other scout troops for a while. But what i saw was really depressing and i couldnt really take seeing little kids freeze to death. so its so-so.

Greg W (fr) wrote: A solid, spellbinding drama based closely on real history, which along the way offers a not-so-subtle commentary on the diverse, immigrant-rich society of contemporary France.

Benjamin (ru) wrote: not bad a little slow to begin with but its an alright movie but not the best

Nick (ru) wrote: I really liked this movie, it was cheaply done, acting wasn't that good, but it was creepy none the less.

Keith M (ru) wrote: This short is better than the two American RING movies (well, definitely the 2nd), IMO. Very creepy.

Dean M (ru) wrote: Well-intentioned comedy has a moral and some good performances, but a formulaic chase story keeps it mired in mediocrity. This leads to all sorts of rarely hilarious complications.

Arash B (br) wrote: Well I rather watch stupid stoner comedies than watching this kind of romantic comedies

John A (ca) wrote: A largely unfunny bit of slapstick fighting, with Charlie as a mostly unlikable, rambunctious waiter who seems ready to fight at all times. Because of his more edgy character, his pursuit of Mabel doesn't offer the same kind of sweetness or pathos that comes in a similar and much better early silent, The Tramp.

Jared M (fr) wrote: A somewhat confusing narrative at times. You want to feel for this family, but then they do stuff that makes them almost unredeemable. This conflicts with what I take as the ultimate theme of the film which is that no matter what comes your way family will be there along side you. A few really out of place boudy-doubled gratuitous boob close-ups are really unnecessary. It still is pretty entertaining watching this trainwreck of a family go through some really interesting situations. I just can't help but feel pretty depressed over how bad things are for them. I recommend this film to fans of such films as Welcome to the Dollhouse or Little Miss Sunshine. Also to people who love seeing close-ups of anchor scars....

Steve W (fr) wrote: The Hand That Rocks The Cradle is a very solid thriller thanks to naturalism and realism. This is one of the best thrillers ever made, and it's just too bad it did not get the attention and praise it deserves. For one thing, we've seen many thrillers that lacked realism while some were not thrilling at all. The ending may be somewhat predictable--and most welcome when it finally comes--but it's still stylishly done and a satisfying conclusion to a tale of household terror when a nanny's rage goes amok because of an incident in her past involving a woman whom she perceives as ruining her husband's life.

Tim M (de) wrote: Monroe is the weak part in my opinion and the under-used O'Connor is the highlight. Entertaining enough but could have been better.