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Joel M (us) wrote: 2/10: A below average police drama. Simple storyline, bad direction, brutally slow pacing, and poor execution.

Brian F (us) wrote: I wanted to see what the shit is about. My Morning Poop is better.

James C (it) wrote: The GREAT Jan Troell created a very special work of art in Everlasting Moments.There are enough reviews to describe this period piece.All of the reviews explain the beautiful story, this beautiful struggle, this period in Sweden's history, this simple strong story and etc.The reviews extol the great performances of Mikael Persbrandt, Maria Heikskanen, and Jesper Christiensen; all deserving of high praise. The actors gave us the truth. They reached the pinnacles of their professions, the screenplay is perfect and the direction of these world class talents is masterful.I will state that this director / cinematographer is a master artist. This film has received worldwide acclaim for good reason.The hues and tones in the film, sometimes grainy, sometimes clean, these perfect blends from one shot to another, these masterful uses of light and sound; tell many parts of the story without dialogue, without words. Just BEAUTY IN ART.We must be grateful every time Mr. Troell gives us a piece of himself.I will let all the other reviews give the rest away.This film is one of my top ten of the decade from 2000 to 2010Everlasting Moments is a Masterpiece****Jan Troell's Masterwork:I am praying that the Criterion Collection chooses to remaster and distribute one (2) of history's greatest works: The Emigrants and The New Land. I greatly hope they would give it the same treatment in their remastering and production quality as they gave "Fanny & Alexander".The Emigrants and The New Land are Mr. Troell's MASTERWORKS. These films were directed and FILMED by Jan Troell in 1970.They are REAL film experiences above anything I have seen. We (the audience) are THERE in the 1800's struggling with Max Von Sydow and Liv Ullman is a very difficult time in Sweden's history.I have seen these films and they are the best of the best.I have seen both films on VHS (American DUBBED release) and in full Swedish without subtitles. It was crazy to dub these films because, the films lose authenticity, due to language barriers when the Swedes immigrate to America and of course for every other reason to never take the original native words from MASTER ACTORS and writers voices.The films are so great that: Even dubbed, the Emigrants was nominated for the Oscar for best film against The Godfather and Cabaret. I LOVE Godfather parts I & II with a passion, still, quite possibly, the Emigrants should have won the Academy Award.Nearly 40 years later Mr. Troell created Everlasting Moments.Jan Troell is one of the greatest film directors and cinematographers in the history of film, from any country on earth!

Al N (ru) wrote: Aishwarya Rai is superb in this true story of a woman pushed to murder from years of domestic violence. An important tale, well executed

Richard D (ru) wrote: Alright at best, just a load of generic Cockney stereotypes wandering around for 80 minutes and shouting 'FACK ORF' at each other.

Stevie S (jp) wrote: Good suspense right up to the end scene.

Thomas C (mx) wrote: Teenyhorror in Candyland.

Stafford V (es) wrote: Early on while watching The Duke of Burgundy I knew what I was about to watch was something special. What I did not expect was something so wholly original, refreshing, and beautiful. From the first shot to the final one The Duke of Burgundy maintains perfection. The acting was award worthy, the cinematography was beautiful, the score was one of the best I heard in 2015, and the story was so... so smooth.