Hitman's Run

Hitman's Run

A former mob hitman, now in witness protection, is forced to come out of retirement when his family is threatened by his cohorts. He teams up with a skateboarding kid, who has a computer disk that the mob wants to get their hands on that has a list of new names for individuals in the FBI witness protection program. The list includes his dad, who separated from his mother years before and hadn't been seen since.

A former mob hitman, now in witness protection, is forced to come out of retirement when his family is threatened by his cohorts. He teams up with a skateboarding kid, who has a computer ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Asif K (it) wrote: not interested in this movie ...

Nikki P (ru) wrote: SO my new fav movie!

Kristian M (mx) wrote: My god, the ending?worth two of these stars, purely because I was left speechless. Watch it at your own peril.

Bill T (it) wrote: A pretty bad followup to the re-inventive "Bride Of", this time we follow the gender-confused child as he struggles in a world of two killer doll parents. Oh, Jennifer Tilly herself shows up as Jennifer Tilly, with Redman! A huge mess and dissapointment.

Kimberly W (ag) wrote: Again, another good sequel. They stayed fairly true to the books which was nice.

Marcelo Q (jp) wrote: I watched it with my brother last weekend, we picked it based on the good reviews... I want my two hours back! visually the movie is a marvel, but my god the script, the pacing, the editing, the plot, the characters, everything else is just awful. Aesthetically interesting, and a few good ideas here and there, but the execution of those ideas is mediocre, don't blame the marketing or the critics for dark city's lack of success at the time; the movie it's just bad.

Kurt A (es) wrote: In Star Knight, Harvey Keitel is ... an idiot. That's right, the only actor you've heard of plays the most annoying character in this lovely foreign fantasy fiasco. I knew right off the bat I was in for a good time when the video on the printed DVD changes aspect ratios two minutes in. From that point on the audio doesn't sync up and it's off by over a second. On the printed DVD! I played the VOB file in several players just to make sure I wasn't going crazy. The next clue I got that this was no ordinary film was that there was a random goat on a cliff side that would not come down. It decides to jump down but instead the shot reverses and it goes flying up into the sky. WTF? I lost it. Overall the story is pretty meh. There's this alien dude who has everything but for some reason falls in love with a dumb princess who doesn't understand science. From there it's a power struggle between the alien and Harvey Keitel over who will have the hand of the princess. That is of course until Keitel figures out how to steal the dude's space suit thereby leaving him naked and dying on the hillside. But I digress. Needles to say this is worth watching once. That is of course if you can overcome the most shoddy DVD production value I've ever seen.

George W (nl) wrote: Often overlooked this is the seminal Vietnam flick. A simple story well told. Burt Lancaster is the seasoned cynical CO who knows that Vietnam isnt worth fighting for. Marc Singer as the gung ho career officer offers a brash contemporary counterpoint to Lancasters war hardened cynicism. Laced with a wry, bitter humour, something that other Vietnam films made later lack, it leaves the viewer with a genuine sense of the futility of this, or any similarly motivated war.

James H (de) wrote: What a strange film. It is an uneasy blend of action, comedy and drag queens. It doesn't quite work, but I do admire an attempt to do something different. The acting is okay, I liked the cinematography and the score. Good try.

Allen G (gb) wrote: Whilst not at the same level as many of his previous works, Eyes Wide Shut still gives Kubrick fans enough to work with and brilliant performances from both Kidman and Cruise add enough to make this one worth your time.It clocks in at almost three hours but it's actually a bit faster than many of Kubrick's other works (though that certainly doesn't make it fast!). The length is fitting here however and flies by (at least it did for me), due mostly to the mystery and suspense that is carried throughout the film- we're too drawn in to have time to get bored. For me, the real strength of the film is the dynamic between Cruise and Kidman, with one scene between them being as memorable a moment as any that Kubrick ever offered up.For all the sexiness in this movie, it never feels like a romp- there's a constant tension and fear behind the surface that culminates so well as the plot develops. It's a great example of a plot continuing to notch up the key themes into the story line as it develops.Unfortunately, compared to Kubrick's previous greats (and as this was his final work I can't help but do this), Eyes Wide Shut just feels a bit too conventional at times- dull even. Whilst it's a story well-told, it never quite reaches the climax that it looks to be heading towards (no pun intended). There are still great stylistic elements- with the repeated theme throughout the film being a stroke of genius in my view, but the technical prowess on display here simply feels like the basic Kubrick standards being met as opposed to something truly remarkable taking place before your eyes.It's a good film but I can't shake the feeling that it could, and should, have been a great one.

Grant O (ag) wrote: I avoided seeing this movie because of all the negative reviews. Also, I not a big Ashton Kutcher fan. With that said, I found this movie to be quite good after viewing it on Netflix streaming. I thought Kutcher did a fine job portraying Jobs. It pretty closely mirrored the book Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. It'll be interesting to compare this movie to the more recently released Steve Jobs starring Michael Fassbender. I gave this Kutcher version 4 of 5 stars on Rotten Tomatoes.

Geoffrey M (jp) wrote: Well I finally seen it after many years (hard to believe) and it was exactly what I expected. I thought it was good but I had some problems with it especially with the ending fight.. but what more would you expect from a movie about a panda doing kung fu?