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Paul C (it) wrote: Jump scars abound, but nothing worthy of the 'horror' moniker that some have tried to place upon it. If all you can say about a movie is "it scared me", then the movie has failed. Unbelievable plot, some wooden acting and average atmosphere does not a good film make.

Rob L (ca) wrote: I haven't much liked the other movies, maybe it being set in mid evil times just makes it a little better because this is pretty good

Caden S (it) wrote: It was ok. But not good

Abid H (ru) wrote: Superb film. Shane meadow's has a way of keeping you interested coz you just never know which way the film is going. Funny, creepy, sinister and just bizarre at times - totally worth a watch. My third Shane Meadow's film and he shows no sign of letting us down.

David N (us) wrote: I was hoping for better from one of my favorite actors, Richard Dreyfus. But unfortunately it wasn't that memorable of a film...

Alexander C (au) wrote: Could watch this sometime if i can find.

Ivan K (nl) wrote: A powerful film about the fight for freedom

Jim H (mx) wrote: During the Nazi occupation of France, a theater struggles to survive against censorship and the various conflicts among the company.What I liked most about Truffaut's work here is his ability to link the external political conflict with the action of the stage production. This isn't a play within a play for its own sake. Rather, when Granger's stage character says that love is both a joy and a painful, we understand that existence in occupied France is also both a joy and painful. These characters are happy to be alive but unhappy with how they are living.On the other hand, it's occasionally meandering, as though Truffaut knows that Nazis are often over-used in film. I remember watching Bent and thinking, "I get it; they were pure evil. What else you got to say?" Truffaut seems to recognize this problem, but he isn't able to fill the void with other more compelling action. What he does find is a rather simple romantic melodrama, and though it's well-acted by Depardieu and Deneuve, it ultimately falls short.Overall, The Last Metro is a good, but not great, film.

Carlos I (ag) wrote: Interesting story about a mathematician who goes crazy and his daughter who tries to keep it together. Pretty good. But Paltrow as 27...?! cmon.

Donnie B (us) wrote: Only reasonably terrible. At least it has some atmosphere.

Logan S (gb) wrote: Not bad for a low budget action thriller. Can be found on Netflix.