Hjelp, vi er i filmbransjen

Hjelp, vi er i filmbransjen

Glenn has been dumped by his girlfriend. He is lonely, and terribly difficult to deal with. To cheer him up, his buddies get a brilliant idea. How about organizing a fake audition for a non-existing feature film?

Glenn has been dumped by his girlfriend. He is lonely, and terribly difficult to deal with. To cheer him up, his buddies get a brilliant idea. How about organizing a fake audition for a non-existing feature film? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian G (ru) wrote: A solid romantic dramedy with a convincingly and very solid couple you can cheer for in John C Reiley and Marisa Tomei who really play up their chemistry and vunerability which sells the story extremely well when they toss in the potential time bomb of Jonah Hill's possibly dysfunctional and extremely depending son. Very naturalistic which from what i have seen is the Duplass' style and flows extremely well. Pair this up with Moneyball and showcases that when given the right material, Jonah Hill can really shine in more adult fair. Going to be really interesting to see how that evolves. Also love how it ends with the mother and son relationship being repaired before Reiley's character goes back in, showing a very mature hand at work.

Melissa R (ru) wrote: One of the best movies I've watched. I can literally watch it over and over.

Kyle L (mx) wrote: A darker, scarier and a huge improvement over Malevolence Bereavement is one of the best Horror films of 2011. This is a great film by the same director who directed Malevolence. The premise of this movie explains the backstory of Martin Bristoll on who he is and how he turned into a psycho in Malevolence. I never saw the first movie but I plan to watch it in one of these days. What's great about Bereavement is that this movie is really dark, scary, creepy and suspenceful as well. The film has a really good and dark tone towards the entire film and the movie also has different and dark themes. Like Malevolence in which the themes on that film is more into psychological madness. Bereavement focus more into different themes that are really dark and gritty like Child Abuse, insanity and monstrous behavior with a really dark attitude which makes the movie even better than it's predecessor Malevolence. What's great about Bereavement is that the movie also has the violence of nature that instantly makes the tension rise from start to finish because there are so many scenes that are super dark and instantly scary. What I love about Bereavement is that the film has a really effective, dark and grungy atmosphere which makes the movie even better and the film is so atmospheric from the first scene until the last. I seriously like the style of this movie and there are lots of creepy moments in the film. I also like the antagonist of this movie the first killer Graham Sutter who made Martin Bristoll into a monster is super scary and really creepy as well and I like the idea that he goes insane in the last part before he gets killed by Martin Bristoll and his violent nature instantly freaks me out the way he goes insane and the way he reacts when the devil keeps talking to him is instantly unsettling and really dark as well. Plus the young Martin Bristoll is really creepy and scary in the movie as well at first we see him in the opening scene as an innocent, lonely and mute child until when Graham Sutter performs various activities that he shows to Martin on killing a person in different ways he turns into a monster slowly and his attitude gets darker and darker as the movie goes on and it instantly makes the movie even better so far. What I also like about this movie is that the film has a strong amount of graphic and gory violence and the kills are seriously unsettling and unnerving plus the kills are also gritty as well. There are lots of great kill scenes in the movie when I was watching it. The opening kill scene was nasty, graphic, gory and unsettling as well the way Graham Sutter kills the first girl is instantly unsettling and it really rises the tension of the film each kill scene seriously had me a lot and there are lots of them in the movie the girl getting hanged on the meat hook before she gets dragged and cooked into the oven is seriously intense and gritty and I also like the scene when Martin Bristoll gets his hand stabbed because that scene was so intense and it was super violent as well and I really enjoy all of the kills in the movie so far. Now the performances of the casts in the movie seriously did a great job so far. Michael Biehn of the first terminator movie did a good job with his performance in the film so far even the beautiful Alexandra Daddario was incredible with her performance in the movie as well so far while the rest of the casts did a great job as well with their performances in the movie so far. Director, Writer and Producer Stevan Mena did a good job with his directing with this movie so far since he was really good with his directing on Malevolence he did a better job this time with Bereavement because I like the way he wrote and directed this movie and thanks to him so far he made a really good horror film in which he made me proud a lot so far. Overall Bereavement gets a 10/10 because this movie is really dark, scary, unsettling, gritty, unnerving and violent at the exact same time I'll do a review of Malevolence once I watched it already.

Gently Smiling Jaws (fr) wrote: :D. This movie...wow...

Jochen W (de) wrote: ja, es gibt hoffnung. aber sie ist vergiftet. ein weiteres, abstraktes meisterwerk von kiyoshi kurosawa - einem der bedeutendsten filmemacher unserer zeit.

James H (gb) wrote: 60/100. Amusing comedy crime thriller from down under. I never found it real involving though, and at times I had a very difficult time understanding the heavy Aussie accents on some of the actors. Enjoyable with a good story, but not very memorable.

Vitor A (au) wrote: Say what like: This is a very good horror thriller. Don't avoid it only because they gave it a PG-13 rating. "Fear of the Dark" is tense, scary and as far as I'm concerned, should only be viewed by people over 16.

Veronica B (es) wrote: Good case of the squirms. I'm never piercing another body part again!

Fong K (it) wrote: Billed as the most expensive French movie back then, this swashbuckling romance has grand and grander scenes but can run quite low on emotional impact.

Simon G (de) wrote: Whit Stillman's debut has all the wit and charm we've come to expect from him.

Les E (ag) wrote: Although a bit too bleak and gritty, the music and performance of O'Connor was great. Hope she is less angry now.

Tracey c (ag) wrote: not interested in this film

Sam M (jp) wrote: one of my favorite time travel movies

John R (es) wrote: This movie made me want to throw a brick through the screen. Save your money. Boy solves murder and wipes out some drug dealers. Good preview but don't spend any more time than that.

STEFANOS Z (ru) wrote: I don't know I just have that movie in my heart

Michael M (ag) wrote: As someone who likes cats, it's nice to see that cat in this is a good guy, the protector of a little girl being hunted by an evil troll. The cat has small roles in the other two tales, but he is the true star of this movie.

Edward W (gb) wrote: Just finished seeing this movie and thoroughly enjoyed it! Do not drink a lot of soda, you will want to see every minute!