Hjelp, vi er russ

Hjelp, vi er russ

Markus and Robert is finally at ways end. 13 years of school is almost over and all they have learned is soon to be rinsed away with a graduation party like no other. The only problem is that they are in Ødvåg, a small town in the middle of nowhere, and someone has stolen all their traveling money. A group of nerds and misfits decides that nothing is going to stop them from partying, drinking and getting laid, so they go on a road trip. Will these nerds succeed in graduating with a bang?

Norwegian sex comedy about a high school in the small village Ødvåg where everyone is preparing for graduation and the big graduation party in south parts of Norway. But someone steals the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sherwin L (ru) wrote: I watched this casually and enjoyed it. It is a solid doc on the craftsmanship and hard work that goes into a Steinway, and by the end you can better understand why they are so damn expensive. As a bonus we get a few pianists talking about the instrument and playing it. Helene Grimaud was by far the most articulate of the bunch, IMO.

Nicola N (jp) wrote: i luuv this movie its soo sad i cry evry time

Davey M (nl) wrote: What a lovely, lovely film. One of the sweetest movies of its kind ever made--a beautiful ode to love and life reminiscent of "The Shop Around the Corner," shot with a Dogme 95 modesty very much appropriate for a film so devoted to the little joys and sorrows that make up life. Wonderful performances and real characters. God is in an arm around the waist. A tiny little masterpiece from writer-director Lone Scherfig.

Brittani P (br) wrote: this movie makes me so mad. but it's a good one.

Scott R (ag) wrote: Ambitious project and unique for the time. The writing was alright, but it struggled at times. Too bad pressburger couldn't have produced it. Despite it dragging from time to time and the music not matching well, I enjoyed it and would watch it again.

Sylvester E (kr) wrote: Markitta and I watched this film last night. It was her 1st time watching it and she really enjoyed it.

Wesley W (br) wrote: The 4th and thankfully the last of the straight-to-dvd American Pie films. Once again, you just get a phoned in sequel that feels like it is just trying to make more money off of the American Pie franchise rather than trying enough to make something that is at least good. With Beta House, I just accepted it for what it was despite its problems and American Pie Book of Love somehow annoyed me a bit more. Most of the jokes remain lazy and there were some that were a lot more disturbing than funny. There were two characters that whenever they appeared on screen ( John Patrick Jordan as Scott Stifler and the dumb kid who played Rob's brother), I just wanted them to disappear because they were annoying and had no purpose to anything and Rosanna Arquette as Rob's Mom I felt was just a bland copy off of Eugene Levy's character. The positives I had with the film was one joke I thought was funny and I liked the scenes with Eugene Levy where they were reconstructing the Book of Love. Thankfully after this they end this franchise on a good note with American Reunion.

Joseph G (de) wrote: I can't believe this film got trashed with a 58% rating!!! Do yourself a favor and watch this film to see for yourself that this film deserves much more respect. Is this a cinematic masterpiece ? No, but it is a very strong and witty directorial debut from J.G.L and his best acting since "Angels In The Outfield" JK JK .... Seriously though this film had so many great moments, like when don jon's GF goes to hug his dad goodbye (a perfectly cast Tony Danza ) and he goes in for the kiss, that one moment was perfectly played and had me rolling with laughter. After all the porn clips, banging club music, and aimless sex we are left with a story that actually deals with the deeper issue of "Real Sex". Juliane more plays somewhat of a surprise role in the film and really adds another layer depth. There is so much going on that I almost wanted the film to go longer, but in the end we are left with a well paced gem that had me rushing to the store to pick up Don Jon on DVD.

Shaun B (jp) wrote: Well-made true crime story.

Pamela F (ag) wrote: Extremely random movie. Jim Carrey was entertaining at times, but mostly I found it over the top. Hard core comedy lovers only for this one. Zooey Deschanel was a great addition to the movie. It wouldn't have been quite as decent without her. Bradley Cooper's man candy also helped!

Phillip M (mx) wrote: You know those movies that you keep buried in your backpocket in the event that you want to show a friend or significant other something they might not have seen? I have a few, but Devil In a Blue Dress is definitely one that I find myself referring more often than not. I pulled it out of the crates recently for the wife and I to watch and ended up appreciating it way more than the first time I saw it.Ezekiel "Easy" Rawlings (Denzel Washington) is fortunate enough to be one of the few black men in 1940's California to own his own home. After getting fired from his job at a nearby plant, he is forced to take on a private investigating assignment in order to keep that home. His job is simple: Track down the whereabouts of a one Daphne Monet. The money is great, but it takes him down a road of intrigue and murder that he never expected. He has to get to the bottom of the mystery while warding off the cops, the crooked man that hired him, and two highly elected officials who also happen to be looking for Daphne.The film can be confusing at times as it take a lot of twists and turns. It definitely requires your complete, undivided attention. It's a good thing that the mystery is so intriguing you can't help but pay all the attention you can afford. What begins as a film about a man trying to locate a missing person quickly turns into a story that you realize has multiple layers. Interesting Motives. Plots and subplots. It has everything you need to keep you glued to the television.Denzel's performance was stellar as it typically tends to be. He's charming when he needs to be, but can flip the script in heartbeat and take on a more intense nature. His range never ceases to blow my mind. He slightly, and I mean just slightly, outdid Don Cheadle's performance as Mouse, Easy's crazy, reckless friend from Houston. Anytime Mouse was in a scene it meant that trouble could happen at any moment. Seventy-seven seconds. That's literally how long he was on screen before he shot his first person. Clearly a man that doesn't have time to waste, his hastiness is also endearing as he is willing to rush to a friend's aid at the drop of a dime. He doesn't have to say much to leave you laughing. He's got a number of lines that stick out, but my personal favorite was: "You just said don't shoot him, right? Well, I didn't. I choked him."Devil In a Blue Dress is a memorable, phenomenal movie that will stick with you long after you've watched it. I give it a 92.