Hlava ruce srdce

Hlava ruce srdce

What unfolds against the backdrop of the story of Klára Knabelová (Viktorie Cermáková) and her relationships with three Austro-Hungarian Army officers is a parable of the collapse of the ...

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Daniel R (es) wrote: Phantom gets the 25th anniversary treatment and is broadcasted directly to movie theaters but with some major changes. First off, this is Phantom of the Opera, the play, being filmed so if that is enough for you to want to see it, then see it/buy it when it comes out on DVD and blu-ray.The performance begins with some interviews and hype for the performance and immediately the set, as advertised, is different, as it has been done with a unique direction in mind. This can be good and bad. The first bad is simply that the translation of what I remember of the musical being performed is different, and the series of shots used by the camera with the style of the set/stage does not always capture the intensity of a scene or the plot. The biggest noticeable issue was the chandelier rising and dropping, or in the case of this performance, the lack of. What we get instead is the chandelier is starts with a bag over it, and the bag comes off when the opening music hits. For it(TM)s fall, sparks fly out of the chandelier and that is it. Now as for why the play lacked a lot of it theater going feel to it and the lack of nostalgia returning may be due to the set, the director, or simply how it was filmed. Regardless, the experience? of Phantom felt missing in a lot of portions in the first act. The story is still there as are the words and music, however one big number in the first act with many characters singing different songs at once was so hard to understand the words that it felt like random noises. The good news is the cast has massive talent is true to the pedigree and in some cases there are character decisions made that cast them in a different perspective. Gone is the overly cheesy annoying La Carlotta who is often played as a ham, and in place, the talent of the actress plays the character serious on a moment or two, more so towards the ending and she thus becomes more human than just comic relief. The biggest performance note I could find is simply how the Phantom himself is played. I often have seen the Phantom as a God of the Opera house, a seeming mystical character who is regrettably human and in love with Christine. The Phantom in this version is like a combination of Lon Cheney, a human monster, and Quasimodo, a disfigured person with a tragic heart, who only wants to be loved. For the first act, the character of the Phantom seems to lack that high level aura which threatens to capture the audience. The talent really goes out to the actor who not only shapes this version of the Phantom, but defines it as a worthy translation. His musical talent is masterful and his voice is highly distinct. He mixes his musical gift with his acting talent as the camera often goes for a close-up that the theater audience might not ever get to see, and his gestures, his dramatic pause, all of it molds this sympathetic antagonist. The Scene on the rooftop, I never recall this being done, but as the lovers are singing in duet like love birds to each other, the Phantom reveals his presence and as if it is not a musical, he talks and is fighting away tears in response to their happiness. He crumbles down before the audience, as if stripped bare and closes his ears as if to silence their happiness and how it is his torment. I cried, because he successfully made me understand how he felt. In my years, I have seen the Phantom as a character wanting to be loved and willing to do anything to make that happen. The character in this performance is a human crawling and begging for that affection, in such a way that it seemingly changes the meaning behind some of the songs in the second act. His portrayal was nothing short of phenomenal across the board. Act two, is where the musical picks up to a high pace, the plot moves so quickly it is almost as if the short coming criticisms I had for the first act didn(TM)t have enough time to mar the flow of the second act. The costumes for the number Masquerade were awe inspiring including a certain someone(TM)s epic entrance. What will really give the fans the extra push to see this will be the post show stuff. Andrew Lloyd Webber takes a bow, gives the audience some conversation and then we are given the original cast, and a series of previous Phantom players (all highly gifted) and Sarah Brightman reprises her role after 25 years to resing the song The Phantom of the Opera, flanked by 4 different phantoms. They then go on to do The Music of the Night to really send any Phantom fan home with a great aftertaste. So if you are a fan, by all means, see it. However, as a broadcast of the show, I felt it was lacking compared to other Theatre broadcasts in terms of pulling me into the production and going beyond. The production of this Phantom was different, in some ways bad but the highly talented cast and post show finale make up for it.

Sean D (au) wrote: I'm not a fan of these stationary horrors, in which they are in one location the whole time. I don't know what it is with white people in horror films, it's like they are all cut from the same cloth. Same cookie-cutter thinking and mentality. The last idea they had in the film was too late and it was the best. I also, am not a fan of plots in which they don't explains the killers' motives. This one has a weird beginning, and the ending is similar but annoying and drawn out and it still doesn't explain anything. For what the plot was worth, about a paragraph of actual writing. The plot was pointless and dumb and could have been better., The entire film seemed pointless and avoidable. There's 3 of them and 1 of him, and he already proved that he was unarmed in the beginning. Yet the characters continue to quiver in fear and do nothing but acknowledge the numbers game. That had to be the most irritating part of the film. Our antagonist has issues, just watches the protagonists and never speaks. We really don't see his face either. While the film wasn't boring, it certainly wasn't good either.

Camille L (de) wrote: Les fans de Steven Seagal ont la vie dure. Apres des petites perles 90's comme Echec et Mort, ils doivent se taper des etrons comme ce Out for a Kill ou seul le cachalot akidoka semble se faire plaisir. La realisation est scandaleuse, les ecrans verts sont legions et il faut une scene d'action plutot jouissive en fin de film pour eviter le zero pointe. Etrangement, un des acteurs, Corey Johnson, se debrouille plutot bien avec ce qu'il a (presque rien). Le reste, c'est lamentable. Comme prevu, malheureusement.

Yuliya G (ca) wrote: I was laughing))) Good comedy for Friday!

Morgan W (fr) wrote: i seen this movie years ago. it is very bad & as it maybe i like the rappers in the movie as rappers but as actors they suck. the soundtrack is very good but the movie is very bad acted & has a very weak plot.

Dave G (ca) wrote: Very similar to 'In Bruges' with the same actor. so so comedy/ drama.

tonle g (kr) wrote: This is an interesting movie, i enjoyed it

Asif K (mx) wrote: with such a ginormous length .... if available with Subs ... i will watch it

Mary S (ag) wrote: Loved this movie when I was a kid! I'm looking to buy it on dvd soon!!

Jeremy N (au) wrote: Mario Bava's colourful and stylish variation on the Agatha Christie story And Then There Were None.

Private U (ca) wrote: if u ukrainian u gonna like this movie. if u polish, well not so much.

Stella D (au) wrote: beautiful and spooky, it's like a swedish variation on dickens' 'christmas carol' with a quite sophisticated flashback structure and up to four layers super imposition effects. director victor sjostrom also stars. best of all, it's in public domain and can be found on youtube and internet archive

Anthony V (jp) wrote: If I was an undiscriminating 12 year old girl, I might give this a higher score. Bad script, written by someone who lacks life experiences (or so it seems). Wasted talent. I also love how Adam (the musician love interest who claims the Ramones were a big influence, yet you can't hear it in his music) only has to play a song to bring her back, but her little brother struggling doesn't. Enough plot holes to think someone shotgun blasted it. Maybe they did.

Charles T (mx) wrote: This is a sweet story that made us all a bit teary-eyed. Takes a real cynic not to let go sometimes and just enjoy a heart-felt story. This pic gave us fresh reason to believe that there is good "out there" and that there are people (thank you, Rob Reiner!) who aren't afraid to say so.