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Irish director John T Davis stashes a camera in his bedroll, catches out, and rides the rails from Minneapolis to Seattle with Beargrease, a part-time hobo and full time philosopher, who narrates their way through the incredible scenery of the Northwest and gives us his views on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The pair meet up several other men living life on the margins: in particular a scene in which Duffy - an ex-corporate executive now living under a bridge in Spokane & collecting cans - describes how he got there is riveting. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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EQ R (au) wrote: DiCaprio turns in another GREAT performance...yes there's a but, BUT even an amazing actor as talented as Leo cannot save this films storyline that bounces around way too often to comprehend and a pace so slow it makes time stand still. Eastwood definitely struck out with this bio pic that could have definitely been great had it been told in a more cohesive fashion. Keep the performances the way they were and tweak everything else and you got yourself a good movie! Unfortunately this film is barely passable. D+

Lynda M (gb) wrote: Poor effort of a film, however it questions why is it banned in USA. So much for the freedom of speech and human rights.

Brian B (us) wrote: This is certainly not what I expected. Yet again I was misled by the trailer of a movie. I thought it was supposed to be a comedy, but instead got nothing but a depressing story out of it.

Eva M (br) wrote: Hugh Grant or no Hugh Grant, this is one terrible film.

Kyle M (gb) wrote: The sequel expanded the dystopian planet of the apes carrying the same atmospheric feeling that turned into an entertaining piece when watching the continued story of the sci-fi classic. Next to that is the okay production values and the pleasantness, but, however, it's a weak entry towards the climax and turn of events. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Private U (de) wrote: very stunning and fantastic!!

The Phantom C (ca) wrote: Glen or Glenda is the precursor to Eraserhead.

Chris R (fr) wrote: Watching this movie I felt like I was somewhere in France. Turns out this is a cheese factory not a movie about boxing robots in the future.The plot is ridiculous, not necessarily a bad ridiculous, but ridiculous nonetheless. But, whatever, robot boxing in the future, I'll give the creators the benefit of the doubt. Surely there is a visually stimulating film with a decent plot somewhere under that premise. Unfortunately, John Garins couldn't find it. It's a clich underdog sports story, aka Rocky, with some father and son bonding mixed in. The father, Charlie Kenton (Hugh Jackman), used to be a decent boxer, now is in debt and a bum. There is bad guy who he owes money too. He also has a childhood lady-friend. She is just there so there would be a lady in the movie, no plot reasons really. Along comes the child he abandoned, Max (Dakota Goyo). They despise each other, but robot boxing brings them closer together, because when Charlie wants to give up, Max pushes him to keep going. There is also the defending champion robot and their evil (not really evil though, just snobby) creators.Every single thing is a clich and there are too many threads. Things like Charlie's past career are just mentioned in passing, so they don't really carry weight. The whole cowboy debt collector side plot was unnecessary past the halfway point of the movie. Also the robot is sentient sort of? Not really clear. And not really clear why it needed to posed as a possibility. And the whole dancing gimmick. Why? WHY?The worst part of the film is probably the dialogue and the kid. Sure, child actors are never great, but this performance was just awful. Or maybe he was supposed to play an incredibly annoying, unlikable kid. I guess that is a possibility too. Hugh Jackman's acting wasn't bad. But it doesn't help when every other line is him yelling at the robot to throw a punch. In fact, like 30% of the dialogue is just people yelling "Come on!", "Get up!" YEAAAAH!"Special effects are what you would expect from a rock-em sock-em robots movie, but considering how laughably bad the dialogue and plot of the rest of the movie is, it just doesn't matter

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