Hodja fra Pjort

Hodja fra Pjort

Adventure film about the boy Hodja who gets a magic carpet of a wise old carpet man. A wicked and desirous of power sultan will get their hands on the carpet.

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Herman L (jp) wrote: Gemiddelde fliek, maar as SA produksie seker dan bogemiddeld. Ek moet se^ ek het dit nogals geniet, en daar is heelwat snaakse stukke, alhoewel dalk bietjie Clicheerig. Nog steeds aan te beveel, en mens moet seker die local scene ondersteun as fliek 'n ernstige stokperdjie is.

Josanne E (au) wrote: definately looks interesting....espesially with omarion and marques houston in it

The Real Rob S (mx) wrote: I had never heard of this film and happened upon it by chance on On Demand. This all-star cast gives a powerful performance.

Ross L (gb) wrote: Good movie but a little slow. Some of them white folk can be real asses. 2008 Movies: 18

Matt W (gb) wrote: Its supposed to be bad. Of course. But I was surprised at how many little nods the film has to other comedies like Airplane and Caddyshack. No masterpiece, but that's the point. A whole lot of fun and stupidity.

Deb S (nl) wrote: "Ngo si sui" is about an agent (Jackie Chan) who plays a US operative who is sent on a mission with a team in South Africa. Everyone involved with this mission, with the exception of several "higher ups" are killed in a helicopter accident but Jackie Chan is fortunate enough to fall out of the helicopter before it crashed. When he wakes up, he has developed amnesia, forgetting who he is and what he has done. The rest of the film then is about his own personal quest to find out his past and identity. All the while, some dastardly CIA operatives try to catch and dispose of him. Fortunately WhoamI, as he is called now, he has not forgotten his training, especially not the training in martial arts. So as he fights for his own survival he must find out both who he is and why he is in such a danger.

Andrew W (us) wrote: Made on a big budget(Canadian Indie perspective)/Shoestring budget (U.S. perspective), this little film, while scientifically a little out-of-date or naive, still raises many interesting questions, while also treating us to some great songs about anal sex (performed by a couple of (literal) assholes) and political action. And there's some nice romance.John Greyson does a lot of his usual schtick (naked men doing jumping jacks in a room shot on video and then reshot on film), but definitely an independent Canadian film worth watching.

Wiebke K (fr) wrote: Great movie -- somewhat different from the book, but of course a great cast, and just wonderful dialogue -- one of my favorites: don't stand there like a cough drop.

Tim S (ca) wrote: The B movie fest continues for me as I take a look at one of Dennis Hopper's early leading roles in Night Tide, a movie about a sailor falling in love with a beautiful but mysterious young woman who's past may come back to haunt him. That's a pretty goofy description, I know, but it's an accurate one. It's not a bad film, per se, just filled with a lot of unnecessary dialogue and a few cheesy moments. The structure of the thing is very good, and makes up for most of its shortcomings. I find the film fascinating as it feels very homoerotic at times, which I'm not exactly sure how much is picked up on by other people. I'm not sure if it was intentional, but it's there if you look for it. The mystery aspect works pretty well and feels genuine, throwing you for a nice loop at the end - although I realized what was going on in the story early on. It's not a perfect movie, but certainly deserves the cult following that it has.

Addie A (nl) wrote: A gripping movie, but kinda gross and scary.

Shawn W (nl) wrote: Not one of the more remembered Vietnam films of the mid-80's. Details a unit taking part in the May 1969 American attempt to capture Hill 937 in the Ashau Valley. Highlight is some well done battle scenes in the second half but I never became particularly attached to any of the characters.

Margarita S (br) wrote: Loved every moment of this film. Fantastically constructed and what an amazing performance by Jaimie Foxx.