Hoe overleef ik...?

Hoe overleef ik...?

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Hoe overleef ik...? torrent reviews

Steve I (ru) wrote: Wonderful flick, it's too bad it ended so quickly

Martin Y (kr) wrote: Godt drama om fucked up familierelationer

Tor M (gb) wrote: Been a while since last time I saw a war documentary. They are the type of films that simply can't suck.It's as real as it can get and it will give you some sort of thoughts what so ever. To tip over from good to great they do need more momentum though. A happening, a character, a scene, a presentation, a shock - something. This didn't get to that moment until it's halfway there or so. It hit's, but not as hard as I "hoped" for."Armadillo" is the better feature for me. Maybe because I saw it closer to the war, or since it's closer to me - geographicly.6.5 out of 10 field guitars.

Jason R (de) wrote: hmmm. I don't know about this one, i might watch it, but nothing beats the first one with the Rock. Kevin Sorbo has only been good in Hercules for me, thats about it. I would give it half a star though for not even seeing it yet.

MEC r (gb) wrote: I didn't like this film.

Marcus G (nl) wrote: I think I've seen this more than once, and yet I don't know why.

Elias R (kr) wrote: Yes, I watched this. I have disgraced my friends, I have disgraced my family, and I have disgraced my ancestors. In the words of Jay Sherman, "It stinks!".

Ben C (fr) wrote: Unique and neat little thriller, good chemistry between Perkins and Weld.

Geoffrey G (ru) wrote: Uninspiring and forgettable

Martin G (mx) wrote: Chariot reprend le mystre de la disparition du Boeing 727 (N844AA ) disparu en 2003 avec une bonne fiction tout en demeurant raliste. Financer l'aide d'une site de crowdfounding , le film reste tout de mme dans l'ensemble bien raliser et demeure plus intressant que beaucoup de mga-productions amricaine. Un film low budget voir!