Hoka Hey

Hoka Hey

The story of Jason P. Howe, a British conflict photojournalist, and the realities of working in an exciting yet perilous job.

What is the first thing you think of when the guy behind you gets his legs blown off? What time is it when it hits 'bomb o'clock'? How do you fall for a woman| who
then reveals herself as an assassin? Hoka Hey is a narrative feature| 5 years in the making| documenting the life story and extraordinary adventures of British
conflict photographer| Jason P. Howe. He survived 12 years on the front-line of four wars| capturing images of humanity at war| its suffering| and cultures in
disarray. His work has been showcased in many of the world's best-known publications| such as The New York Times| The Telegraph| Time| Newsweek| Rolling Stone| and
many others. It all started with a self-funded trip to Colombia into an area synonymous with drug trafficking and violence. Documenting the brutal war between the
left-wing rebel group| FARC| their sworn enemies the military| and the right-wing paramilitary groups| Jason gained the trust of all sides of this scarcely reported
war - putting him in a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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