Hold Fast

Hold Fast

Two teenage boys escape an unhappy home, embarking on a perilous journey of self-discovery that takes them deep into the Newfoundland wilderness.

Two teenage boys escape an unhappy home, embarking on a perilous journey of self-discovery that takes them deep into the Newfoundland wilderness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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M G (nl) wrote: This whole experience, of visuals, costumes, music, lyrics, and Katy Perry interacting with her fans, was so inspiring to me. It helped me through the roughest year of my entire life. The show must go on, just as life.

Mark A (de) wrote: Going in, this viewer wasn't sure about the format. Poorly done, using a present situation to tell another story can seem flat and highly contrived. But, in this case it works. A woman accepts a ride from a stranger and when, at the end of a pleasant evening he tries to kiss her, she demurs and proceeds to tell him the story of a friend of hers. The way the two stories are woven, fits together and gives a plausible explanation for the woman's hesitancy. As another reviewer has said this is incredibly erotic for the amount of skin that is shown on screen. The director has chosen to leave the juiciest parts up to the viewer's imagination, and that only serves to heighten the experience. This is a charming tale, told with wit and subtle visual gags. The actors are quite good, and the viewer finds himself quietly becoming invested in watching these two relationships play out. SPOILER! When the kiss does finally come, it is marvelous!

Jeff B (fr) wrote: Terrific little sci-fi film... until the ending, which is just a big exposition dump. I kind of just wish the movies segments were intertwined visions of reality without any need to tie up those loose ends. The characters were interesting enough.

Steve S (us) wrote: Rob Zombie's films may not always capture the Horror genre on point, but he surely has the idea of which direction to go in.

Private U (jp) wrote: This movie is great :) I love Sandra Dee and Bobby Darrin together.. They have excellent chemistry

Alden S (kr) wrote: 10 out of 10:Strangers on a Train is not only gripping, but well acted and intense.

Helle S (nl) wrote: Paprika Steen er bare super dygtig og et par af scenerne i denne film er rigtig trovrdige og "gr lige ind"... :-)

Cassandra A (es) wrote: excellent hard hitting

Justin P (kr) wrote: It's Gribble-tastic!

Jordan K (ag) wrote: She's All That is one of the many 90s teen movies, and it follows the old as all hell formula of "guy wants to get girl". Despite this, it's strangely memorable and it's so late 90s that it's unintentionally hilarious.Freddie Prinze Jr. plays a high school jock who is a lot smarter than he looks (seriously, he has like 20 college applications in his room) who bets with his friends to find a random geek to outshine his skanky ex as prom queen. He chooses Laney, an artist oddball who he eventually actually falls in love with. Paul Walker eventually comes in to try to steal her, and you get the idea. Eventually Prinze gets the girl and everything goes right for him.First, if you're looking for a decent 90s teen flick, I'd rather choose Can't Hardly Wait, which delivers more to the table. Like I said, it is awfully cliched. The characters are dull and unlikable and the story is predictable off the bat. However, it's somewhat memorable. This movie captures high school the way you wanted it to be, and watching this now is a good way to recapture late 90s teen culture. In a writing sense, it's awful, but delivers more on a nostalgia factor. But really, see Can't Hardly Wait if you're looking for a decent teen flick.