Hole In One

Hole In One

Eric, a highly-gifted golfer but radically-undisciplined college undergrad, finds his world drastically altered after losing a golf bet to a pair of sadistic plastic surgeons. Eric's bad-boy attitude lifestyle comes to a screeching halt as he loses his money, his girlfriend, his dignity and his golf swing. Eric and his best friend Tyler decide to take on the doctors, in a final golf match of "Best-Ball" to get his life back and become the man he should have been all along.

Eric has an awesome gift for playing golf. But instead of making money and being a model, Eric is more interested in using golf for gambling, and hitting on best friend's sister! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jay C (it) wrote: [2012.02.29 @Chang Chun Theater] A real steel made-in-China piano

Douglas L (it) wrote: I laughed about twice in this one. I guess Cameron was trying to be trashy and funny, but just ended up being solely trashy. Jason Segel and Timberlake, I dont even know what they were trying to do in this one. Segel is usually decent, but shit happens.

Tatianna F (ag) wrote: why won't they let me see it

Ted W (es) wrote: I love casper the cartoon but now they ruined the movie. There was barley any casper in this movie. Casper was only at the end. I can't wait till the next casper movie, hope it's better. Stupid........... Man...

Mark W (mx) wrote: I enjoyed this Godzilla entry more so than the preceding two... Oddly I never really liked the original telling of Godzilla and Mothra and some of the problems I had were addressed in this film... Particularly the scene in which the beautiful Mothra emerges from his caterpillar self... It was genuinely an awesome moment... That aside the movie was fairly average, with some decent fight scenes and a vastly improved Godzilla model!

Joe S (it) wrote: A feel good flick from the 1980s.

C B (de) wrote: Jerry Lewis for the kids...not the best but not the worst either

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Tina P (ru) wrote: This seems so racist now.

Alex G (jp) wrote: Hollow directing with unfortunate comedic execution. The script is strong as are its wildly original and satirical ideas. Every actor gives there best, but the man behind the camera feels like a poor man's Luc Besson. And even Luc Besson wouldn't have been right for this story.

Sean H (de) wrote: Who doesn't like musicals? In this movie the music in this movie is like it makes you wanna dance the whole way though the movie. I gave it 5 stars because the music was awesome I mean all of the cast had an beautiful voice.

Timothy J (br) wrote: Standard Burt Reynolds Fare of the day. Jokes, Clowning with Friends, stunts, Sally Field, Trans Am's, Coors Beer, Burt's trademark laugh. Fun to watch because they were having fun. Weak on plot.