Holiday Camp

Holiday Camp

The Huggett family go to a holiday camp, and get involved in crooked card players, a murderer on the run, and a pregnant young girl and her boyfriend missing from home.

The Huggett family go to a holiday camp, and get involved in crooked card players, a murderer on the run, and a pregnant young girl and her boyfriend missing from home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chucky (es) wrote: October 20th 2009, March 12th 2010, May 8th 2011December 12th 2012February 7th 2015

Robert B (au) wrote: Long Khong (Pasith Buranajan et al., 2005)Long Khong, released in English-speaking countries as Art of the Devil II, was one of Thailand's initial attempts at a gore film. (While they still haven't gotten it completely right, they've done some interesting things with the genre in 2009's Meat Grinder.) It is, simply, not all that good a movie, though it seems to have been made with the best of intentions, and was enough of a hit at home that it spawned a sequel in 2008. It's a pretty well-put-together thing, but it suffers from a script that tries to do far too much and ends up succeeding at doing none of it.Plot: two years after graduation, Ta (Alone's Namo Tongkumnerd)'s father commits suicide, and he and his five closest friends journey out to the remote village where he and his second wife, Aajan (Mae Bia's Napakpapha Nakprasitte)-who taught the children during their last year of high school-retired. That's likely enough of a setup to let you know, given that this is a slasher film, who the movie's final girl is. Soon enough, once they get to the village, the blood starts flying, and the six-but-ever-decreasing friends have to figure out who's targeting them and why. No, you won't see it coming, and the reason for this is that the script doesn't give you clue one, preferring to spring the climax on you while you're completely unawares. The only problem is, that makes the climax reach almost Gumnaam-levels of ludicrousness. Every time you ask yourself "how much sillier can this movie get?", you will find that the answer comes back "oh, you have no idea."As if that's not enough, well, you're probably not watching a gore film for the spectacular script (unless you're me looking for the next Turistas). And I gotta say, the opening sequence, which is pretty much unrelated to the rest of the movie, had me squirming in my seat. The gore effects go downhill from there, however, and by the time you reach the "oh, aren't I shocking?" conclusion, you may well be yawning. These actors, and the uncredited (at least in English) cinematographer who gave us such stunning jungle shots, deserved a great deal better than the script they were working with. **

Ryan M (ca) wrote: Writing comes in many forms, some are prettier and harder to nail down than others.

Re L (jp) wrote: vigilante cop takes revenge. A very intense movie - great scenes of the rez.

Abel D (de) wrote: While it may not give us a full sense of what these men's work would incite, 'Rated X' is salvaged by two capable leads and plenty of fun with behind the scenes antics. Seeing how something like porn is almost treated as an art of its own is fascinating, even if the narrative jumps from film to film.

Carol Ann M (mx) wrote: Love the red nose...

Joyce H (kr) wrote: Ah this a cute one. I think it ranks up there with Sleepless in Seattle. Just the tender tale of a gal looking for a story book ending. Makes me want to puke but it was good.

Mexijersey M (nl) wrote: one of my favorites growing up

Senor C (es) wrote: I almost gave up on this in the first 10 minutes because the acting & pacing was so stilted. Although it does fall into those trappings more often then not throughout there is some good to be had. The scarecrows in this are eerie & it do actually try to build suspense now & again. It even has a violent edge that it doesn't shy away from so for the casual horror fan they may enjoy. If your giltted you're likely to be frustrated. It's not bad but not enough to recommend & for what Ive read about this I find it overrated. @ least it had a downer ending. A really good horror movie couold be made about scarecrows..this isn't it

David S (fr) wrote: This is much more stilted than many of Rohmer's films, with the actors feeling very staged and formal. This doesn't feel like a commentary on the shallow aspects of the character's lives either--it just seems like wooden acting. That said, it still engages due in large part to Chaulet's presence.

bill s (br) wrote: Reynolds went one to many times into the breach.

Michael H (jp) wrote: This plodding, campyhaunted-house chiller was produced and directed by television'sDan Curtis ("House of Dark Shadows"--thedirector of TV'sDark Shadows series).Filled with artistic ambitions that failed to materialize, it's based on the 1973 best-seller novel by Robert Marascoand is cowritten by Curtis and William F. Nolan. It's one of those films where the house (Dunsmuir House and Gardens in Oakland, California, a sprawling 37-room mansion on 50 acres) is the star and the characters are merely the furniture.

Carl O (nl) wrote: Was surprized to find this actually wasn't too bad. It's at least mildly amusing, and in fact to some extent I actually liked it more than Love Happy, which was certainly the worst Marx Bros film IMHO.

Sean W (jp) wrote: Great political thriller!

Thomas L (ca) wrote: well....I think this is pretty damn funny.

Clintus M (kr) wrote: Adam Sandler's films progressed from purely sophomoric antics to social consciousness mixed into the hijinks. "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" may be the comedian's greatest contribution to the pairing of slapstick comedy with a message. Sandler's brand of humor routinely goes for the most obvious joke, yet its still funny, and this film operates as more of a satire than his earlier work. Inserted into the absurd jokes and ridiculous plot devices (Scrappy's satisfying the salon's aged female clientele) is an attempt at reconciliation between the Israelis and Palestinians. Whether or not you want to hear the message, the gags involving humus, incompetent terrorists, discount electronics, and a goat will have you laughing out loud. Just the sight of Zohan's 80s hairstyle evokes laughter. Sandler has made a career out of being a childish anti-hero, and this film, in the same vein as Mr. Deeds and Big Daddy, is him at his funniest.Bonus: Love-interest Emmanuelle Chiriqu is beautiful and perfectly cast.