Holiday Heart

Holiday Heart

A drag queen takes in a drug addict and her daughter and helps raise the daughter.

The movie tells the story of a middle-aged drag queen still dealing with the loss of his longtime lover meets a 12-year-old girl who has no home and decides to take in the girl with her drug addict mother to together raise her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Holiday Heart torrent reviews

David C (jp) wrote: One of the worst wastes of time ever.

Sven H (it) wrote: The worst animation in years! seriously, the monster thing just made the movie less scary. it starts off really great though and it had some turning points that made the concept less crap.

April C (ru) wrote: Great documentary on the Baja 1000 race. Cinematography was out standing. Movie made me want to watch the race live.

Ayse E (mx) wrote: I am not a fan of Ray Romano but this is a great movie even with him in it...

Broderic B (it) wrote: Broderic S. Bowman MosleyREL-110-FON03MaddoxBrother Bear Movie ReviewIn the movie Brother Bear, Kenai, an Indian Brave who does not like bears. Kenai does not like bears because he had lost his brother to one. Kenai eventually finds the bear and kills it. Ironically he ends up turning into a bear to help enlighten his new life in a different perspective. Also Kenai, is eventually visited by the spirit of his brother whose soul was taken by the bear. The spirit told him that if he wanted to be turned back into a human being that he had to travel to the northern lights. Along the journey the journey, Kenai meets a bear named Koda that is trying to find his way back to his home. After further analysis Koda and Kenai find out that Koda's home just so happens to be right next to the same place that Kenai is trying to get to. Also along this journey, Kenai and Koda are being haunted be Kenai's other brother named Denhai. Denhai thinks that the exact bear that Kenai's soul is in, was indeed the bear that killed Kenai. Uring the duration of Kenai being in this bear transformation, Kenai finds out that he likes being a bear and that not only are humans afraid or scared of bears, but bears are afraid of humans as well. Eventually after realizing his fate, Kenai ends up staying in the form of a bear without any worries. This movie relates to chapter 2: Indigenous religions of North America through "Trickster" in our world religion book. Trickster is basically a lesson taught through exploits of character. The figure is normally an animal of some sort who has adventures and engages in mischief or playful misbehavior. This situation happened to Kenai because of his failure to follow the rules about social behavior.

Jimmy M (ca) wrote: A chance to cash of "sheriff" stars many of the same actors. Not as good as the first film but still is enjoyable. Suzanna Pleshette is entertaining as the hot blooded love interest and Garner is still as charming as hell.

Tai S (au) wrote: seriously they have a white guy playing the sudanese mahdi...hmmmm no comment

Michael C (br) wrote: shut off your brain and enjoy it