Holidaze: The Christmas That Almost Didn't Happen

Holidaze: The Christmas That Almost Didn't Happen

Rusty Reindeer (Savage) stumbles into a support group where the Easter Bunny, Cupid, and other down-and-out holiday icons congregate.

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  • Release:2006
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Rusty Reindeer (Savage) stumbles into a support group where the Easter Bunny, Cupid, and other down-and-out holiday icons congregate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joe M (mx) wrote: Great ensemble cast that keep this movie rolling along with a lot of chuckles and a few hilarious scenes. A little too long, though.

seth c (gb) wrote: Entertainment is an art house film through and through. No matter how many cool camera angles and shots you get, if you don't have a story underneath it all then it really is meaningless to most. The film jumps from uncomfortable scene to uncomfortable scene until it mercifully ends. There is a bright spot: Turkington's performance was exceptional; albeit horribly depressing (which was the point). It does attempt to highlight the struggles of a hack comedian trying to make it despite the writing being on the wall. However it's done in a way that is neither pleasant or groundbreaking, just odd and off-putting. Unless you're into the avant garde type of film you should avoid this one.

Jao R (fr) wrote: There's so many plotholes, yet somehow, i find it okay when i think of this as a Superhero Origins story. and then, somehow, the stupid shit can be forgiven.

Rob A (es) wrote: Great concept for a movie, if it was made on a big budget with some real actors it would have been great. Don't bother with this one.

PieterJan V (fr) wrote: A cheap, done-before and predictable action movie.

Nick B (au) wrote: A really enjoyable movie had a good story to it. watching them try to rob the armored truck was really cool. Also the sub plots were also done very well, involving the three guys and there ladies. William Forsythe kind of looks like my uncle robert.

James H (ca) wrote: wait, they made a 3rd Oh, God movie?? no

Mitchell L (br) wrote: Very funny low ball comedy with elements of good filmaking that show off expert skiing. Cast members play their parts with screw ball seriousness.

Reece L (it) wrote: Sans Soleil is magical, both in content and in execution, a snapshot of the world that sums up the human experience and contextualizes it within the unknowability that comes with strict rules of perception. Marker avoids mere exoticism by questioning the nature of this perception, a subject that not only accommodates his foreignness but makes it entirely appropriate, adding a layer to the obscurity (obscurity which itself offers further truth through its universality). He looks at time and how it shapes humanity, voyeurism and how it plays a role in both the ways different cultures perceive each other and how it unites them, the idea of universal connection through an overarching narrative of shared feelings and gestures, modernity and how it provides new outlets for facets of human nature, and, most importantly, how memory's profound emotional resonance can lead to insight into both the identity of the one doing the remembering and the world they inhabit by way of their unique reconstruction of it through recalled images.Sans Soleil is both singular to its director and universal through the way audiences will draw their own interpretation of it, a landmark film that gets at ideas that regularly make for transcendental nonsense in a way that is both overwhelmingly powerful and quietly probing, never masking itself in pretense or social niceties. This honesty is what makes its content so accessible, the result a masterpiece that is both intellectually minded and appealing to our humanity on the basest of levels.

Paul M (ag) wrote: akira kirsuawa's dreams

Andrew S (de) wrote: Truly dreadful film, no real story or plot. Poor visual effects and awful acting.

David W (fr) wrote: Beautiful,but predictable

Smidyea J (au) wrote: Too bad this movie wasn't offered in 3d, the glasses would have been able to hide my tears more effectively than my thinking hand. It also might have been able to give extra depth to the red rock landscape we Australians like to rest so much of our pride in, and yet only visit on opportunities like this. But, this movie isn't in 3d, so just bring some tissues and prepare for a silver service ride through the red centre.

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