Hollows Grove

Hollows Grove

A young filmmaker documents his ghost-hunting, reality show friends as their routine investigation of an abandoned orphanage turns into a nightmare from which they can't escape.

A young filmmaker (Matthew Carey) follows ghost hunters into a supposedly haunted orphanage. Soon after arriving the team begins to realize that what they thought would be a routine investigation is turning into a nightmare from which they can’t escape. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adrian E (mx) wrote: Haunting and heartbreaking. We are all on this story.

Private U (nl) wrote: en av de absolut bsta dokumentrerna som gjorts. sjlvklart subjektiv om grafittin, s snyggt gjord och mnniskorna med i den r sjukt intressanta. man fr en jvla adrenalinkick av filmen och eftert ser man inte p 'public space' alls med samma gon.

Er D (us) wrote: Die Geschichte ist natrlich hanebchen. Es wird ein Plot zusammengeschustert, der trivialer nicht sein knnte. Der Verdacht liegt Nahe, dass der Plot irgendwann am Ende hinzugefgt wurde, um die ganzen Fkal- und PI-Witze in einen "plausiblen" Rahmen einzubetten. Mission failed! Jedoch sind die Witze und Ereignisse , sofern man derartigen Humor mag, ziemlich gut! Weniger gut sind jedoch die Liebesgeschichten (gut, die von Kevin ist noch halbwegs plausibel), die einfach nur lachhaft erscheinen... Emotionalitt? Fehlanzeige!Also, wenn man die Liebesszenen vorspult, kommt durchaus ein akzeptabler Film raus, der sein gewnschtes Zielpublikum erreicht und mitunter gensslich alles auf den Korn nimmt.Ein gutes Lob verdient auch die eingesetzte Musik, die etliche (Charts-)Lieder bereithlt und die Szenen passend untermalen.

Jade C (ru) wrote: seen it once and i thought it was awesome

Derek B (de) wrote: Something for everyone - and Anne Bancroft is magnificent

Jessica D (br) wrote: Alright but predictable.

Edith N (it) wrote: I admit I wasn't giving this movie my full attention, but I still managed to miss an awful lot of major plot points, given that I [i]was[/i] paying at least some attention the whole time. For example, how did Kirk Douglas and Lauren Bacall end up married? I mean, I looked at the cat for a minute. I looked back. He's in a robe in her bathroom, and she's in the shower. "That's odd," I thought. "The Code and all." Then, they mentioned they were married. When did that happen? The music is great, of course. But since when does exposure to Doris Day cure alcoholism? Young Doris Day, too--she was 26 at the time. This movie is mentioned prominently in [i]The Celluloid Closet[/i]. Because of that, I expected the gay context to last longer than, what, 37 seconds? Heck, we get the one moment that might or might not be gay subtext, and then five minutes later, Lauren Bacall's completely gone from the film and Kirk Douglas is staggering around the country drunk with a broken trumpet. I think that, rather than gay or straight, Lauren Bacall was just a pure sociopath, trying on human experiences to see which ones fit. Except it turns out none of them did. In the process, she ruined Kirk Douglas. I mean, my Gods. "How dare you miss playing trumpet for my friends at my party so you can attend the funeral of the man who's been your mentor since you were ten?" The kid playing young Kirk Douglas, by the way, is simply adorable. I'd almost rather see an entire movie about that kid, about the loss of his parents, ending up with his tramp sister, and working very hard to become a musician--earning, at the age of ten, the $9 to buy "the cheapest instrument in the shop," the trumpet. (Which, of course, dates the movie better than much of anything else!) Yes. Okay. Kirk Douglas tells Lauren Bacall that she's sick just after seeing her agree to go over to that pretty young woman's apartment to see her "sketches." But she has also just said there's nothing he could do by showing up to the funeral, so why not miss it. That [i]is[/i] sick, whether you're gay, straight, bi, trans, or anything else. No. He couldn't have helped Hazzard. But since when are funerals solely for the benefit of the dead?

Valerie E (us) wrote: I loved it, but it made me want to cry sometimes. And just like The Women the husband was never shown, at least in person. The only thing that annoyed me was Shirley Temple. Sorry, but she was definately better as a kid.

Brent C (it) wrote: This one is pretty convoluted at times even for Egoyan. It's just as well crafted as many of his other films but just doesn't quite measure up. The writing is pretty solid but takes a long time to resolve the sometimes confusing plot. The ending is ultimately not all that satisfying. Some decent performances but not the strength of characters from other Egoyan films. This one misses the mark.

Hassan I (es) wrote: A very funny comedy that works due to excellent performances from it's cast, particularly Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro, and a witty, clever script.

Kyle H (gb) wrote: Fairly lame. Weak story. Its no himym.

Addison P (kr) wrote: It was a good movie, nothing incredible.