Shot on location in Cambodia, including many scenes in actual brothels in the notorious red light district of Phnom Penh, HOLLY is a captivating, touching and emotional experience. Patrick, an American card shark and dealer of stolen artifacts, has been 'comfortably numb' in Cambodia for years, when he encounters Holly, a 12-year-old Vietnamese girl, in the K11 red light village. The girl has been sold by her impoverished family and smuggled across the border to work as a prostitute.

In Cambodia, Holly, a 12 year old Vietnamese girl, encounters Patrick, an American stolen artifacts dealer. The story follows their strong connection and her unrelenting efforts to escape her fate. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon V (au) wrote: Dirty, ugly, blackly hilarious. Dark comedy at its bleakest and most subversive.

Ryan M (kr) wrote: Amazing but complex. Wish I could understand it more but... Damn those guys were bastards

Jordan L (us) wrote: The only reason I saw this movie was because Yoshii Rei (Orihime in Burmyu.) It was pretty good, even if you're not gay or bisexual its a good story.

Tom I (au) wrote: Very moving account of how suburban sprawl can have devastating effects on the environment. Although there are a number of docs about sprawl, this film is one of the best because it let's the people involved do the talking. The slow overhead pans of the locations are very moving.

Elgan D (au) wrote: Parisian tale of sexual awakening in a teen synchronised swimming team. Just about tows the line to avoid becoming exploitative and is at times quite sweet.

Marcus G (gb) wrote: I caught this on the TV and was intrigued by the opening credits, always being one to be interested in real events and certainly ones in a recent political context. I admit that I was unaware of these events, but as the plot played out it left me feeling somewhat cold, always waiting for the hook that never came.This was basically a docudrama which melded the real and the reenactment together to create an at times frightening and tense view of the riots. Though this could have been any riot, over any subject, which was kind of the point. I feel that this could easily have been a film focusing on the Poll Tax riots of 1990 and have lost nothing.I feel that this needed to be more, in every area. More Seatle Riots, and I mean in a way that singled them out as such, and not just any riot. More character drama, with barely scratched the surface at most and more political. This attacks the WTO with the lowest common denominator, playing the emotional and reactionary left wing card, rather than a fully rounded balanced argument.I have no doubt that the World Trade Organisation is evil, as are most capital institutions, but there was little to convict them here, except the strong implications that they are against free speech.This was a film which was fair to it(TM)s characters; The riot cop just doing his job, the peaceful protesters, the anarchists and the forlorn Mayer. But there was a lack of a strong villain, as, as I(TM)ve said, the WTO(TM)s wasn(TM)t sufficiently justified.Also, its historical integrity has to be questioned. Simply put, are any of the characters portrait here real? The protesters are fictional, as I understand, but the Mayer? The reporter? It(TM)s not clear and based on their actions within the film, I would really like to know.*** SPOILER ***But finally, the most disturbing and probably the best, most compelling part of this film to me would be the what happens to Charlize Theron(TM)s character, a pregnant woman and wife of Woody Harleson(TM)s riot cop. As she is trying in vain to make her way home amidst the chaos of rioters clashing with police and in the confusion is treated as a rioter and is hit in the stomach with a baton. The result I(TM)ll leave in your imaginationThis was best moment in the film were the true horror of these clashes become prevalent as the moral lines are crossed and order breaks down.**************In summation, this was worth a watch but will offer little in the way of clarification as to the motives of the events of that November, but maybe there are no more. Maybe it was a riot which stemmed from a protest against the capitalist machine. If you have strong lefty views then this is the film for you, if not, have a look but I doubt that you(TM)ll be blown away.

ismael r (kr) wrote: Cherry falls is a horrer film that started of decent but continued to get more and more silly until it gradually shuffled its self towards stupidity.

Robyn M (us) wrote: Grief stricken Garret Blake is a widow(Kevin Costner)who pours his heart out in a letter apologizing for the remorse and pain that was cause. Rolled into a bottle it travel across the ocean into the hand of Theresa Osbourne (Robin Wright Penn). Osbourne falls inlove with his words of sorrow, searching for answers she finds Blake and both grow a tender,slow pace romance. This movie is heart wrenching, capturing the heart of pain created by death. And shows light pointing towards recovery.

Paul D (br) wrote: Having never seen the Phil Silvers Show I can't compare it to that, although it felt to an extent like a 'Police Academy' movie in the army.

Paul C (jp) wrote: Not for me. Some Bible stories play great across the Big Screen - this i'm afraid is not one of them.

Logan M (it) wrote: Sparking inspiration from "The Graduate," it packs a well crafted script and stellar direction from Wes Anderson.